2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Review // $400,000 Baby Phantom

25 Mär 2021
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The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost ($461,074 CAD, $367,280 USD) is the British automaker's first AWD sedan. With a claim that it is equal parts driver and rear seat passenger focused, it might just be the mid-sized Rolls of anyone's dreams. The V12 puts out an abundant 563hp. But where the Ghost really shines is its hidden features. For instance, the suspension has dampers for its dampers and the interior has been tuned to have a harmonious frequency throughout. But is that good enough to part with almost half a million smackaroos? Watch to find out.
Thank you a particularly legendary AMG fanatic who let us film this on his property.
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  • You two should really have a sitcom!

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  • Saw 4 different RRs in Richmond Hill within a week. Even my neighbor park a RR and a Lambo in a normal two garage detached. Wow, only me getting poorer during pandemic?

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  • Violation

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  • Hey, James is a very common chauffeur name. I think Thomas should hire him.

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  • BTW it is decidedly not Meibox, it’s Maybach: …ch, …ch, ….ch, rinse (your palate) and repeat

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  • 20:50 Couldn't have said it better myself

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  • typical Rolls, ugly interior... For Bentley its the opposite, beautiful interior, ugly exterior

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  • lol i thought it was styled like a smooth brick

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  • '' Sarcasam at its BesT ''

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  • Rolls are awesome

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  • If I could afford this car, for $400k I'd rather take the Cullinan 4x4. Its more practical, its bigger, has more presence and frankly its a 4x4.

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  • The intro cracked me up XD

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  • Minimalism? Minimalism? Minimalism?.... ...Post-opulence!

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  • Looks like a rolls designed for saints row game :D

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  • its actually a Rolls Royce tuned BMW engine! LOL

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  • I learned something today from your video. "Rolls Royce" is ancient latin for "rape and idiot up the ass"

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  • Dosen't matter how many times i look at it this headlight design is just not growing on me.

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  • Счастливого пути, хорошего настроения, бодрого самочувствия, доброй компании, благополучной дороги, весёлого маршрута. Пусть это путешествие доставит массу удовольствий и положительных эмоций.

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  • 6:03 "HELLOOOOOOOO and WELcome, to the Yogscast"

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  • Me and the person who sits in the back literally have to YELL to talk to each other. While these guys can hear each other whispering in this car.

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    • Probably because rolls Royce gives everyone the same test model

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  • I actually prefer the Ghost to the Phantom. But in the scenario that I could actually afford such a thing, I couldn't actually buy one because by owning one I would be advertising the fact that I couldn't quite afford a Phantom. That isn't a good look.

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  • someone in my town has one of these and they have the whole car wrapped in white. everything on the outside including the grill, door handles, and wheels is white. i can see what they were going for but to me, it looks bad. it looks like they went to a paint shop and said, don't bother masking anything off.

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  • If i was ultra rich i would have almost certainly bought a Mulsanne over the old Ghost, but seeing as this new Ghost is so much nicer to look at than the old Ghost and the Mulsanne is off to pasture i think this is the car to buy. Anyway good video guys, i'm off to clean the cupholders in my 13 year old Toyota.

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  • Ugliest car ever made, I don't see anything so special about it.

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    • Don’t judge a car by looks, there’s a reason rolls Royce has always been the best for 100 years

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