half·alive - What's Wrong (Official Video)

31 Mär 2021
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half•alive’s official music video for What’s Wrong
Theres a lot of pressure with this being our first new release since Now, Not Yet. People often make up their minds pretty quickly about an artist’s sophomore release solely based off the first single, so it feels like the stakes are higher now & the song’s message has to be that much clearer. 2020 was a big break for us, being home all year, we were thankful for a breath to think, reflect & process, as many had that year. In the midst of that reflection, we wrote this song with the production duo @OjiVolta . After searching for “the perfect song” for so long, this one finally felt like it was it. Not because it was perfect, but because it was honest. It felt like it confronted the stack of problems that is piling up faster than the stack of solutions. Over the last year that pile was overwhelming & debilitating because the problem in front of me always feels like a drop in the ocean. “Times right to fix what’s wrong” means that I have ability to transform my immediate & eventually global environment by looking inward first. Looking in the mirror & realizing the inward journey is likely where real change is going to begin. -josh
"What’s Wrong” available everywhere now: smarturl.it/HAWhatsWrong

Directed by Brantley Gutierrez
Choreographed by JA Collective
Written & Executive Produced by Josh Taylor

Music Composed by Brett Kramer, J Tyler Johnson, Josh Taylor & OjiVolta
Produced by OjiVolta
Mixed by Jon Castelli
Mastered by Joe LaPorta

Editing by Josh Taylor
Additional Editing by R.P. Adam & Aidan Carberry
Producer - Mike Dones
Producer - Danny Herb
Director of Photography - Eric Ulbrich

Camera Op - Kenneth Wales
1st AC - Holly Horne
2nd AC- Devin Hassan
DIT - Jack Damon
CLT - Mark Ramsey
Key Grip - Justin Duquette
ACLT - Jason Popieniuck "J Pop"
SLT - Tony Cantor
Best Boy Grip - David Smart
1st AD - Bigg Riff
PA - Natasha Oviedo & Michael Rennie

Production Designer - Matt Sokoler
Art Director - Devin Parker
Set Dressers - Mikey Avina & Shay Turner
Key Makeup Artist - Shea Hardy
Hair - Terance Sdoeung
CCO - Terance Sdoeung & Darlene Orellana

Coloring by - Joseph Lombardi
VFX by - kaipo

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time is always right in past tense
avoiding is my newest obsession
started with the right intentions
but left ‘em on the shelf
so tell me how to live in tension
‘cause every could’ve been kills when
living here has been hell
& i can’t hold it myself
the whisper in my heart - it could never speak up
the message in my chest gathered too much dust
i can’t afford the truth even if it’s unjust
keep it top shelf, keep it all locked up
so yippee ki-yay it’s not my blood
but every single day it calls my bluff
it’s not ok then it ain't quite done
then it ain’t quite done
the time’s always right to fix what’s wrong
looking through a haze i'm basing
everything around me on traces
the criminal i’ve been chasing
is wearing my shoes
the whisper in my heart - it could never speak up
the message in my chest gathered too much dust
i can’t afford the truth even if it’s unjust
keep it top shelf, keep it all locked up
so yippee ki-yay it’s not my blood
but every single day it calls my bluff
it’s not ok then it ain't quite done
then it ain’t quite done
oh my God it ain't quite
why hold on, it ain't quite
love, hold on it ain't quite done
the time’s always right to fix what’s wrong

#whatswrong #halfalive

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