Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga (Official Music Video)

1 Aug 2014
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"Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda
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And Truey on some hot nigga (Hot nigga)
Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas (What's good?)
Like you seen him twirl, then he drop, nigga (Seen him drop!)
And we keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga
And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas
And Trigger, he be wilding, he some hot nigga
Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga
Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga
Running through these checks 'til I pass out (Pass out)
And shorty give me neck 'til I pass out (Pass out)
I swear to God, all I do is cash out (All I do)
And if you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house!
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  • "Prrrrrrrrrrrr" never gets old

    ReL1n Never Broke AgainReL1n Never Broke AgainVor 43 Minuten
  • Act of God 🔥

    Geoffrey TuilomaGeoffrey TuilomaVor 45 Minuten
  • Let's go. Blame the system. Blame the cop. Get some money from George Soros do some BLM stuff and cash out and move to rich all white neighborhood mansion lol

    Jungkook ObamaJungkook ObamaVor 48 Minuten
  • went to Africa a week ago...

    Djdjdjdjhdhdhdjdhsjdjdnnn FjdjdjdjdnDjdjdjdjhdhdhdjdhsjdjdnnn FjdjdjdjdnVor 49 Minuten
  • Guns: 0% Girls: 0% Drugs: 0% Hanging out with the Niggas & smoking: 100%

    MontanaBlackMontanaBlackVor 50 Minuten
  • I'm the one who took the hat

    Meshack NdirituMeshack NdirituVor Stunde
  • Hot nyga 🌚

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  • He censored his boys names after his case 😂🤣

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  • 726mil views on DEhave! Wildin

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  • Some say the hat is in orbit to this day

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  • Forever a classic

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  • Jahlil beat,holla at me

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  • On December 18, 2014, New York City Police arrested Shmurda and charged him, along with several other members of GS9, with conspiracy to murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment. Shmurda was released from Clinton Correctional Facility on February 23, 2021.

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  • Ppl makin jokes an all but this shit be 🔥🚫🧢

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  • BA

    Dariusz NiezabitowskiDariusz NiezabitowskiVor 6 Stunden
  • This song makes me throw gang signs that don't even exist.

    PedroPedroVor 6 Stunden
    • You gon get shot bc of that one day 😂

      LilJamJamDaManLilJamJamDaManVor 4 Stunden
  • U already know

    ëffectëffectVor 7 Stunden
  • "That's what got my daddy locked up in the dog pound" months later... gets locked up

    BluedBearMCBluedBearMCVor 7 Stunden
  • Why does he kinda look like Bubba from forest

    tresendez3tresendez3Vor 8 Stunden
  • Only one guy in this video never smiles or dance....yeah...he is what we were always warned about .The Quiet one

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  • Huh

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  • Just caught a body bout a week ago Use to hit so hard in the clubs🔥🔥

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  • “Jungle beats holla at me”

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  • Im deaf the guy in the back is my traslater

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  • *Went to Africa a week ago* *Killed a lion then I killed a goat*

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  • When u find out ur 1.0000000000000000% black

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  • Who else here waiting for new music

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  • went to africa a week ago

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  • 6 years later and this is still a fuckin banger

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  • The next song bobby drop is gonna break the net

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • yessir

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  • every nigga listen this music from bobby shmurda

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  • Most legendary video ever !!

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  • This comment section active asf after 6 long years😂😂❤🇯🇲

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  • 271k cops didn't like it

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  • 3:01 OUCH😂😂😂

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  • y'all can you believe this turns 7 years old in 4 months

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  • Bro 6 yrs later

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  • what really made me drop a like is when he was gs going so hard is gs for my gun squad after that part and he was continuing the person in the back ground "pop nigga" shots popping out mi AR "a p p pow nigga" etc it was funnny the way how it sounded like a lil kid playing with toy guns

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  • here before 1B views

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  • Sto infame ha copiato la base di "sono bello come profugo" di bello figo

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  • "Went To Africa A Week Ago, Killed a 🦁 and killed a 🐐"

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  • You know he a real one when he doesn't take a reduced sentence so his homes won't take a harsher sentence...💯💯

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  • Welcome 🙏 home

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    • Our Nigga Shmurda ✊🏿

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  • When you are already Famous but still trying to become Famous to make sure you are Famous that is a Legend

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  • anyone from the * went to africa a week ago* meme?

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  • Welcome back ..bro

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  • Holy moly This has 725million views

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  • Stop saying the NWord Bobby, .. Lol. Uua Assoc"Black Lives Matter"

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  • Came here for the hat throw, bye

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  • This song is so f*cking legendary

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  • Went to Africa a week ago (week ago) I killed a Lion then I kill a goat (kill a goat)

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  • 6 years later we still hot niggaz

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  • when you and yo homies got no school

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  • The 👑 is out

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  • 2021?

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  • these guys remind of school bullies LMao

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  • No more guns for this boy

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  • Welcome home bobby !! Now ENJOY!!!!

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