World's Tallest Tower!

6 Apr 2021
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We found clips of people climbing to insane heights and worked our way up reacting to them. Hit subscribe if you like climbing things.
James Kingston
Mike Tomasella
World News
Flaviu Cernescu
On the roofs
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  • Literally insane!

    YouTubeYouTubeVor 15 Tage
    • LOL!!!!!!!

      Gaming StuffGaming StuffVor 6 Tage
    • Wo

      OttisthedogOttisthedogVor 7 Tage
    • You joined 51 years ago?!

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    • I love mr beast hes my fave youtuber

      Jay the gamerJay the gamerVor 12 Tage
    • Epic! (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

      Stupidity NoStupidity NoVor 12 Tage
  • Chris; what would encourage you to do this The people doing it; YOLOOOO

    Caleb LeweyCaleb LeweyVor 42 Minuten
  • Angelo

    Amanda MacrinaAmanda MacrinaVor 54 Minuten
  • Ahd the videos are insane!

    itz_neasaplayzitz_neasaplayzVor Stunde
    • And

      itz_neasaplayzitz_neasaplayzVor Stunde
  • Imm a hugge fan i love ur guys vids

    itz_neasaplayzitz_neasaplayzVor Stunde

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  • Wow

    Hugo SandovalHugo SandovalVor 3 Stunden
  • And Chris why are you just picking your ear

    Joshua Martinez 67Joshua Martinez 67Vor 4 Stunden
  • 2:50 which city is it ??

    Harshdeep SinghHarshdeep SinghVor 4 Stunden
  • I love bat man

    Tanya MonahanTanya MonahanVor 6 Stunden
  • Man

    Lateisha JohnsonLateisha JohnsonVor 11 Stunden
  • So suficet

    interestYT497interestYT497Vor 11 Stunden
  • Cool

    Lateisha JohnsonLateisha JohnsonVor 11 Stunden
  • We need more EXTREME reacts!

    Vlad The RussianVlad The RussianVor 11 Stunden
  • Insane

    Zakariya plancZakariya plancVor 11 Stunden
  • gg

    Dkkldodl!d DlmclxkclcDkkldodl!d DlmclxkclcVor 12 Stunden
  • 🎩💿

    Aldin DrustinacAldin DrustinacVor 14 Stunden
    • Dere

      Aldin DrustinacAldin DrustinacVor 14 Stunden
  • 😯😯😯😯🤐

    Aldin DrustinacAldin DrustinacVor 14 Stunden
  • Dude i actually feel iwas there its INSANE!!!

    Narendra SharmaNarendra SharmaVor 14 Stunden
  • What the heck

    Christopher HerrmannChristopher HerrmannVor 15 Stunden
  • This age restricted like what

    Ethan DeesEthan DeesVor 15 Stunden
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeee

    D and R VuD and R VuVor 19 Stunden
    • Mmknvykihhghhjhughgihhvunhvunughguhuuhjhhb

      D and R VuD and R VuVor 19 Stunden
  • no you have to do it once every 6 months and you get half a million dollars each time

    Hutson SmithHutson SmithVor 23 Stunden
  • Hi

    King of baseball areanaKing of baseball areanaVor Tag
  • why is this age restricted

    Hanabi SalakaiHanabi SalakaiVor Tag
  • My head hurts

    Joe RitterJoe RitterVor Tag
    • why?

      Panda Slayed GamingPanda Slayed GamingVor Tag
  • im your fan and im ssubscribed to all of your channe;s

    Mejistkk FuzionMejistkk FuzionVor Tag
  • I climbed 100 feet

    Cook1eSharkZCook1eSharkZVor Tag
  • King Kong be like dude that’s easy 2000 ft bro go higher

    Brandy BirkleBrandy BirkleVor Tag
  • My feet and hands are sweating by watching this lmfao

    Boo HooBoo HooVor Tag
  • Ohh man that is insane😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😬😬😬😬😬😬

    Mel SylvesterMel SylvesterVor Tag
  • Age resticted in Sweden :|

    fuckoffm8fuckoffm8Vor Tag
  • My chest!

    Brody BowenBrody BowenVor Tag
  • why i git an age thing

    Aderemi KayodeAderemi KayodeVor Tag
    • Judging by your pfp you're quite clearly a child

      Carlos EshoCarlos EshoVor Tag
  • I was literally shaking watching some of these

    RenezmeeRenezmeeVor Tag
  • By Nathan drake did chris meant uncharted cuz I have played every part

    GalcionGalcionVor Tag
  • My anxiety went 📈 faster than you can say "America"

  • I had a heart attack watching this

    Sam JonesSam JonesVor Tag
  • YO

    Teeraporn KaweetriphobTeeraporn KaweetriphobVor Tag
  • I would do that cus am spider man😏

    AlphaDragon GamingAlphaDragon GamingVor Tag
  • I am the person made 800feet

    Manjunath RManjunath RVor Tag
  • 0:15 santa clause be like:

    Zyra Cole ChangZyra Cole ChangVor Tag
  • Mr beast you are ok ?

    Foysal HossainFoysal HossainVor Tag
  • Yo why this vid age restricted

    A filthy casual.A filthy casual.Vor Tag
  • That one with the orange pole is the antenna on top of the Willis tower in Chicago 😮😧

    Chris ReidChris ReidVor Tag

    Stephanie Strenger GilStephanie Strenger GilVor Tag
  • Hi

    Sniperhd3d HdSniperhd3d HdVor Tag
  • alright, who reported this

    ECLIECLIVor 2 Tage
  • Anthony

    Anthony De la pazAnthony De la pazVor 2 Tage
  • Urf8fhflu

    Anthony De la pazAnthony De la pazVor 2 Tage
  • Hi youtube

    Timothy LewisTimothy LewisVor 2 Tage
  • This is awsome video💯

    Royven LacapRoyven LacapVor 2 Tage
  • The 50 foot building climber looks like Jimmy

    The Awesome guyThe Awesome guyVor 2 Tage
  • And im scared to even climb a seattle playground tower lmao

  • Koala 🐨

    Angela VerniAngela VerniVor 2 Tage
  • DEhave there was nothing even freaking inappropriate what are you doing😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    Royal AsareRoyal AsareVor 2 Tage
  • How is this age restricted??

    LittleLovelyLuniLittleLovelyLuniVor 2 Tage
  • The fact that Chris made a Nathan Drake comment warms my heart.

    Alex FliptasticAlex FliptasticVor 2 Tage
  • She

    tariq mahmoodtariq mahmoodVor 2 Tage
  • Why did it say this content may inappropriate for sum users

    Beckett TeagueBeckett TeagueVor 2 Tage
  • O:

    Marzena MusialMarzena MusialVor 2 Tage
  • Br

    Hoggie StarHoggie StarVor 2 Tage
  • Did they remove part of the video

    Hernan Cn bu vHernan Cn bu vVor 2 Tage
  • How is this age restricted?

    Calvin chirom ChiromCalvin chirom ChiromVor 2 Tage
  • Why is this age restricted but DEhave comments on it.

    AppIeSIush IAppIeSIush IVor 2 Tage
  • Parkour,parkour!!!

    Nurhayunie MuhamedNurhayunie MuhamedVor 2 Tage
  • Literally insane!

    ContrltContrltVor 2 Tage
  • Isn't it crazy

    proproVor 2 Tage
  • Bruh

    Asri Ludin TambunanAsri Ludin TambunanVor 2 Tage
  • Cool awemam

    Thomas RegentThomas RegentVor 2 Tage
  • :0 how!?!?

    Jacob DJacob DVor 2 Tage
  • This guy has a lot of money but still using a normal headphone.

    SNOW GlacierSNOW GlacierVor 2 Tage
  • that insane😱

    jex 2241jex 2241Vor 2 Tage
  • Lol jk

    Abel McCollumAbel McCollumVor 3 Tage
  • E?

    Carrot FishCarrot FishVor 3 Tage
  • YO..!!

    Unknown_PlayzUnknown_PlayzVor 3 Tage
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  • hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • Suction cup man in a shellnut

    ShadowToaster.1ShadowToaster.1Vor 3 Tage
  • Easy on the adderall Chris

    D MooreD MooreVor 3 Tage
  • What the neck

    Milán Ultra Games'Milán Ultra Games'Vor 3 Tage
  • I Love beast

    123 brawl123 brawlVor 3 Tage
  • Did anybody realize that you had to sign into DEhave to watch this video my son couldn’t watch the video

    Chiere VandergriffChiere VandergriffVor 3 Tage
  • Hi

    Tiffany SummersTiffany SummersVor 3 Tage
    • Give me a shout out my name is zakee

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  • What is inappropriate about this?

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  • 1:50 fun fact, he is pole

    Nexus 787Nexus 787Vor 3 Tage
  • This is so cool

  • Mr beast is awesome he's the best DEhaver

    Dylan HigginbothamDylan HigginbothamVor 3 Tage
  • It looks so srary

    Ratna SubbaRatna SubbaVor 3 Tage
  • the tallest building in the world is Jeddah tower

    MattMattVor 3 Tage
  • for 2132 feet is Burge Khalif

    MattMattVor 3 Tage
  • the tallest building in the world is burj kalifia

    MattMattVor 3 Tage
  • Why inappropriate

    Maximillian IraMaximillian IraVor 3 Tage
  • Ouch

    Isaac GonzalezIsaac GonzalezVor 3 Tage
  • I have. Escape from the cops

    Isaac GonzalezIsaac GonzalezVor 3 Tage
  • Chris: has 2 seconds to say something Also chris: scary, AAAAAAAAAAAHHH

    Rik TitanRik TitanVor 3 Tage
  • Cool

    diabolo90diabolo90Vor 3 Tage
  • La

    kevin pinedakevin pinedaVor 3 Tage
  • 😭

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  • DEhave!!!

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