Sarkodie - No Fugazy (Official Video)

22 Apr 2021
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Music video by Sarkodie performing 'No Fugazy'. Song produced by Rexxie. (C) 2021. Sarkcess Music / Eagle /
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DOP - Simon Aukes
Video directed by Capone
Video produced by Chris Phouphou
Costume Designer - El-Shaddai Nyagodzi
Executive Producers - KJ Spio & Michael Owusu Addo
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_________NO FUGAZY LYRICS________
My guy if you got some block ( cash )
Then no Fugazy in this corner bro
Before you cop the Lamborghini truck
Make sure you got your drip plug (2x)
You know the drip is very necessary
Anytime you pull up you gotto b scary
When it comes to shopping ask my guy Terry
If you can’t afford Gucci buy kula Perry
I used to rock fakes now we turnt up
450 on a tank top
It’s like an addiction we can’t stop
If you can relate let me see your hands up
When it comes to drip I got more
Someone gave me a Louis gift but I said Naa
Because everybody be rocking the same thing, I’d rather pull up in vetements
Now drip ain’t about big brands
Even when I was broke I had big plans
The Rollie just replaced my wrist band
So please if you wearing fakes, distance
My guy if you got some block ( cash )
Then no fugazy in this corner bro
Before you cop the Lamborghini truck
Make sure you got your drip plug (2x)
If you copy my drip, you might not be able to pay your light bill
Because it’s a couple dollars even for the right deal
My grills sparkle I call it the spot light grill
Maison margiela on some off white sail
On a regular day is Air Force ones
If I wanna show off, I do some low dunks
Buy what you can afford cos if you wanna compete , you might end up on Gofund
Casablanca t shirt on a chill day
We swiped the card but we still cool
I already told you give way
If you need the plug call me it’s not eBay
Each and every morning we pop tags
No fugazy we want top class
When we drip we don’t walk fast
Some drip is only reserved for rockstars
My guy if you got some block ( cash )
Then no fugazy in this corner bro
Before you cop the Lamborghini truck
Make sure you got your drip plug (2x)

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