Justin Bieber - That Should Be Me (Lyrics)

6 Feb 2020
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🎶Justin Bieber - That Should Be Me (Lyrics)
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Everybody's laughing in my mind
Rumors spreading 'bout this other guy
Do you do what you did when you did with me
Does he love you the way I can
Did you forget all the plans that you made with me?
'Cause baby I didn't
That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me, feeling your kiss
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong
I can't go on
Till you believe
That should be me
That should be me
You said you needed a little time from my mistakes
It's funny how you used that time to have me replaced
Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
What you doin' to me
You're taking him where we used to go
Now if you're trying to break my heart
It's working cause you know
That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me, feeling your kiss
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong I can't go on
Till you believe
That should be me
I need to know should I fight for our love
Or disarm
It's getting harder to shield
This pain in my heart oh oh
That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me, feeling your kiss
That should be me, buying you gifts
This is so wrong
I can't go on
Till you believe
That that should be me
Holding your hand
That should be me
The one making you laugh (oh baby oh)
That should be me
That should be me
Giving you flowers
That should be me
Talking for hours
That should be me (that should be me)
That should be me
I never shoulda let you go
Never shoulda let you go oh oh
That should be me
I'm never gonna let you go ooh
That should be me
Never gonna let you go oh oh
I'm never gonna let you go ooh
#JustinBieber #ThatShouldBeMe #SeparationSong
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  • This is my fav.song

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  • Sa mag malukot Jan okay lang basta wala jowa kasi mga babae maloloko Kay mag lalaki may kasalan maki ring na Satan kami haha

  • Levi’s wife : that should be me !

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  • When you see your best friend with another “best friend” Me: bitch that should be me

    -mysticc angel--mysticc angel-Vor 17 Stunden
  • It all started in 2013, he was my best boy friend. Until by the year 2018 we decided to be in a relationship. He was my first and I am his first. Everything changed after being in a relationship. The funny, cool, understandable, and genuine person I know turned to a stranger after all. A months after being stranger to each other I needed to leave my country to study in another country. Yes, I admit that till now I still love and miss him. I often secretly check his social media accounts to see how is he doing. I am just really happy that he finally met someone better than me. I am so happy for you, bubs.🙂

    Victorious XdVictorious XdVor 20 Stunden
  • I had a crush on someone for 3 years and he knows how much I love him but he likes my best friend and he confessed it and now they are in relationship.i still miss him but I want his happiness so I give up on him. JB this song is my favourite because of him❤😭

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  • I sang this song at a talent show at my school changed some parts cause I’m a girl. My ex was right there. After my performance he said “I’m sorry I fell out of love but please find yourself someone else better that’s me” a tear fell out of my eye he also said “stop crying because I’m not gonna wipe it anymore” I chuckled his new gf came and kissed him infront of me I left I cried even more. That should be me.

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