[MV]THE BOYZ(더보이즈)_Breaking Dawn

24 Feb 2021
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2021.3.17(Wed) Release!
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  • Kevin t amo

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  • str333m the red wedding !!

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  • Breaking down it’s like breaking your back haha It’s true

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  • Best dancer

    Zeinab kZeinab kVor 4 Stunden
  • 6,318,561~~~ THEBOYZ THEBEST !!

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  • the stylist DEF knew what they were doing with this one

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  • the boyzzzzzz

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  • i come back here every day just to see changmin’s hands in the intro

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  • Pls perform this at kingdom!! In my dreams ig but still!!!

    kaedekaedeVor 6 Stunden
  • I like the concept too(:

    kaedekaedeVor 6 Stunden
  • This is such a cool song!!!

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  • changmini bu kadar cok sevmek beni yoruyo

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  • Beautiful

  • best boys

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  • Come here after watching the red wedding

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  • Kings

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  • remember to watch the full version of tbz o sole mio (the red wedding) performance

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  • Intercalando Jfbtjthf

    pepi ; STAN THE BOYZpepi ; STAN THE BOYZVor 11 Stunden
  • For those watching this right now, please spare a few minutes to watch The Boyz Red Wedding performance on Kingdom. It is a masterpiece!!! Our boyz worked so hard so let's do our part to give them what they deserve!!!

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  • I´m in love with this song

    Ilse MTIlse MTVor 12 Stunden
  • Deobis, pls str3am the red wedding

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  • I love this song

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  • dehave.info/down/p4qCkNrHh22zz34/video

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  • here for 10 mins interval

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  • Yeah..

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  • strm tbz kingdom stage y'all

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  • This music video screams TALENT

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  • hello old friend >_< ahdjsjjs

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  • please strm dehave.info/down/p4qCkNrHh22zz34/video

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  • 기죽지마🧚‍♀️😍💕👍

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  • semangat

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  • candu bet lagunya

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  • 음 이건 그냥 그러네 하고 보다가 0:53 여기서 넘어와 벌임;;

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  • day 3 of me listening to breaking dawn for a year

    Khulan E.Khulan E.Vor 17 Stunden
  • Baby fan is here guys!

    L-1485L-1485Vor 19 Stunden
    • @Cande Lizondo yeah I’m not alone 😅🥰

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    • @kevoncé [] #stantheboyz thankss💕

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    • @BiaI’m trying recognize their names so it’s ok rn Thank you for asking btw💓

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    • same

      Cande LizondoCande LizondoVor 7 Stunden
    • welcome baby deobi!!

      kevoncé [] #stantheboyzkevoncé [] #stantheboyzVor 13 Stunden

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  • I started stanning them recently, and I want to know more about their personalities! Could someone pls tell me what should I watch? Do they have any reality show?

    Braian SilvaBraian SilvaVor Tag
    • this will help www.theboyz.kr/ you can check out generation z, a to the boyz, reality show flower snack (predebut), come on!(you'll love this one) and 100, their 3 weekly idol eps, idol room+ after school, a new one is stealer house and obv kingdom, mama and road to kingdom stages in case u haven't checked out^^ also pls support them on kingdom:))

      kevoncé [] #stantheboyzkevoncé [] #stantheboyzVor 13 Stunden
    • the 100 and come on! the boyz if you want

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  • Aquíviiendotraveztremendasensualidaddeloschikibeibis

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  • All visual

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    • factz

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  • Eric: Breaking dawn is more like breaking back! It reminds me of this everytime I listen to breaking dawn

    ich bin Yasich bin YasVor Tag
  • I love Eric’s part!

  • Vendo de novo essa obra de arte 🙌🏻❤

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  • im proud of the boyz

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  • currently obsessed with this song (especially with sunwoos rap) bye

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  • juyeons voice in this song>>>>>>>>>>

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  • Be your own king is nearly 6 million but their mv is 6 million too. Ironic...

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  • Aslanlarımı özledim neredesiniz

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  • 3:13 I'm new here but already dead, and the cause of my death is super duper extra+++ high overboiling blood pressure 🥵

    Madiki AinehMadiki AinehVor Tag
  • I'm here pau :)

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  • Dios!!! amo esta canción

    JxyeonieتJxyeonieتVor Tag

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  • day 2 of me listening to breaking dawn for a year 📢❤

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  • Kings!!

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  • 0:54 극락 좌표

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  • Omg I just can’t believe that I’m entering in the fandom just now whyyy didn’t I notice them beforeee 😢😢😢 they’re soooooooo talented

    Anne LeeAnne LeeVor Tag
  • Jacob in orange hair that’s a heaven stuff

    Anne LeeAnne LeeVor Tag
  • Me: Always singing it as "BREAKING DOWNNNN~~~" Also me: *having a mental breakdown about having 6 biases and 4 bias-wreckers from this group * ..don't even get me started on other groups, why can I never have just 1 bias from each group but NO NOT POSSIBLE BUT TBH I DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE

    Xiaojun and Doyoung my bias ig but WHAT ABOUT YUTAXiaojun and Doyoung my bias ig but WHAT ABOUT YUTAVor Tag
  • 6.264.111

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  • Fighting THE BOYZ

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  • can someone help me, i want to stan them

    Tae MochiTae MochiVor 2 Tage
    • @Tae Mochi dehave.info/down/dqx7i5rJnmWOxX4/video here, this guide helped me so much:)

      LeolunaLeolunaVor 21 Stunde
    • @Leoluna so can you tell me their positions? name?

      Tae MochiTae MochiVor Tag
    • I can help :)

      LeolunaLeolunaVor Tag

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  • Can we all agreed that Eric's pink hair are superior >>>?

    I love ji changminI love ji changminVor 2 Tage
  • really......haknyeon's breaking dawn and new's shining star........its just too violent for my heart

    sakura jungsakura jungVor 2 Tage
  • La coreografía me tiene así :0

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  • Best kpop group

    Zeinab kZeinab kVor 2 Tage
  • Woahhhh 🔥🔥

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  • Amei Aaaah

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    • Thanks.

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  • Perfeitossss

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  • mto bom

    why Kaiwhy KaiVor 2 Tage
  • Uauu

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  • ótimo

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  • Amei essa nova música do the boyz, muito boaaaaaaa

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  • Ameiiiii

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  • day 1 of me listening to breaking dawn for a year 👑

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  • I'm loyal to sunwoo I'm loyal to sunwoo I'm loyal to sunwoo but uh look at juyeon 🙂💔

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  • My face before the chorus : :) After the chorus and the rap while choking on air : :0

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  • Eric me tiene tan mal ahhhh

    Nayely C'MNayely C'MVor 3 Tage
  • ok pero temazo

    changmi inchangmi inVor 3 Tage
  • 1:15. That's it. That's the comment.

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  • Juyeon didn't need to come after with his 'Breaking Dawn' like that man....

    Manosha JyrwaManosha JyrwaVor 3 Tage
  • hey new deobi here! i was just wondering why half the song is in korean and the other half is japanese? just curious cuz i realized after 2 listens that something was off haha

    Hyuck SpoofHyuck SpoofVor 3 Tage
    • this is one of their japanese releases, for some reason tbz still do them in korean, they did the same with Tattoo hahahah

      frappifrappiVor 3 Tage
  • Asli ini lagu enak banget

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  • alala

    sel mirandasel mirandaVor 3 Tage
  • 1:28 - 1:33 Who's that ? Sorry, Im new to them

    Dristi SamaddarDristi SamaddarVor 3 Tage
    • @selin Thanks

      Dristi SamaddarDristi SamaddarVor 2 Tage
    • Kim sunwoo

      selinselinVor 3 Tage
  • Jacob!! Center!!! Yes!!!

    J17schisJ17schisVor 3 Tage
  • ~♡~

    Cristina S.Cristina S.Vor 3 Tage
  • Dark night wiheomhae da garyeojyeobeorin naye Universe sumeul joyeoon jeokmakhame chagaweojin gamjeongdeure bichi baraen haneul arae beoryeojin deut meomchweo seoisseo machi kkeuchi eomneun mirocheoreom duryeoumi beonjyeowa pokpungcheoreom mollyeowa deoneun gyeondil su eopseo eodumi iksukhaejigi jeone nan dabeul chajanaeya dwae jidokhan kkumeseo kkaeeona Breaking dawn I see eodumeul gareun sungan Breaking dawn Shining meolli han julgi bicheul ttara ireobeoryeotteon mirael dashi majuhan sungan Breaking dawn You and Me urin meomchuji ana Show me, You dare, We make it, I swear kkamadeukhan gin eodumeul kkaego I want some more bicheul hyanghae hanbal dagaga nan uriye saebyeogeul light up Check it yah angaereul geodeo fade in fog hangyereul beoseo now we go urin pogineun gomindo doumdo an dwenikka Breaking dawn bicheul ttara gani naon another road geugoseul hyanghaeseo nan never done ajik Never fade away jamkkane eodumil ppun jiteun bameul mireonae buseojin i modeungeol dollyeojweo majimak jogageul matchweo gilgo gildeon gidarim neomeo Breaking dawn I see eodumeul gareun sungan Breaking dawn Shining meolli han julgi bicheul ttara ireobeoryeotteon mirael dashi majuhan sungan Breaking dawn You and Me urin meomchuji ana Got it, I got it gyesok banbokdweneun maeil buranhaetteon eojel ditgo dallajineun naeil eonjenga dashi binnal sungandeureul wihae Uh neomeobwa Stop line urineun deo meolli naaga Oh yokoku no nai Nonfiction Woo Yeah toumadoi nakara tsumaide yuku shikanai daoru terashiteru Shining star kimi no inori wo [SY/N] bokuro no yoake wo Breaking dawn I see, tokihanate You can Breaking dawn Shining massugu michibikare [YH/N] irotoridori kibou ga suke shunkan Breaking dawn You and me kagayakeru mirai Hangul Dark night 위험해 다 가려져버린 나의 Universe 숨을 조여온 적막함에 차가워진 감정들에 빛이 바랜 하늘 아래 버려진 듯 멈춰 서있어 마치 끝이 없는 미로처럼 두려움이 번져와 폭풍처럼 몰려와 더는 견딜 수 없어 어둠이 익숙해지기 전에 난 답을 찾아내야 돼 지독한 꿈에서 깨어나 Breaking dawn I see 어둠을 가른 순간 Breaking dawn Shining 멀리 한 줄기 빛을 따라 잃어버렸던 미랠 다시 마주한 순간 Breaking dawn You and Me 우린 멈추지 않아 Show me, You dare, We make it, I swear 까마득한 긴 어둠을 깨고 I want some more 빛을 향해 한발 다가가 난 우리의 새벽을 light up Check it yah 안개를 걷어 fade in fog 한계를 벗어 now we go 우린 포기는 고민도 도움도 안 되니까 Breaking dawn 빛을 따라 가니 나온 another road 그곳을 향해서 난 never done 아직 Never fade away 잠깐의 어둠일 뿐 짙은 밤을 밀어내 부서진 이 모든걸 돌려줘 마지막 조각을 맞춰 길고 길던 기다림 넘어 Breaking dawn I see 어둠을 가른 순간 Breaking dawn Shining 멀리 한 줄기 빛을 따라 잃어버렸던 미랠 다시 마주한 순간 Breaking dawn You and Me 우린 멈추지 않아 Got it, I got it 계속 반복되는 매일 불안했던 어젤 딛고 달라지는 내일 언젠가 다시 빛날 순간들을 위해 Uh 넘어봐 Stop line 우리는 더 멀리 나아가 Oh 予告のない Nonfiction Woo Yeah 戶惑いながら 紡いでゆくしかないだろう 照らしてる Shining star 君の祈りを [サンヨン/ニュー] 僕らの夜明けを Breaking dawn I see, 解き放て You can Breaking dawn Shining まっすぐ導かれ [ヨンフン/ニュー] 色とりどり希望が笑く瞬間 Breaking dawn You and me 輝ける未來

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  • 1:16 1:26

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  • Los amo

    JxyeonieتJxyeonieتVor 3 Tage

    JxyeonieتJxyeonieتVor 3 Tage
  • Ayer acabo de escuchar esta canción y quedé así :0

    JxyeonieتJxyeonieتVor 3 Tage
  • Cómo los amoo

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