The Largest Sandcastle Ever Built

29 Apr 2021
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    awonawonVor 12 Minuten
  • 1:02 thats no rocket launch, its a spirit ball!

    Mostakim KabirMostakim KabirVor 5 Stunden
  • 1:17 Others- **SpaceX rocket launch** DragonBall Z fans- 😳😲

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  • 0:49 all the cancer

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  • It’s amazing how fast those fish bit that guy’s thumb! They were lighting fast!

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  • The octopus was curious stupid

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  • That’s an entire kingdom

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  • 0:37 her laugh sounds a lot like those of yandere characters in anime

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  • Wait, you can drone surf? A step closer to a true hoverboard

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  • 1:06 Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

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  • Sand castle completion progress: *96%* Weather forecast: *Rain* Adrenaline Increase: *100%*

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  • 00:07 whatelse would sand castles be created with? fckn glue??

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  • everybody gangsta until they realize that the drone "skater" is actually a billionaire in disguise trying to test out his newest killing machine for the purpose of killing a teenage boy who got bitten by radioactive spider

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  • Applause for te New recruitment.

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  • the sand castle used a ton of wood though

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  • The magnificent donald unknowingly reproduce because crow naturally pour under a overjoyed shampoo. lazy, curly lotion

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  • I hope the guy in the malfunction microwave clip is through having children... because he is now!

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  • Go to Jehovah God and Lord Jesus Christ Always

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  • You build a gorgeous gigantic world record sand castle. Then it torrentially rains the next day...

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  • Imagine a giant tsunami

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  • ninja

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  • here before ninja

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  • Hello my father just lost his job because of the pandemic. So I started a DEhave channel. Wish me luck! 🔥

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  • "The largest sand castle ever" I think u mean the pyramids ??

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  • 1:38 “Jameson you slime, where’s the photographer who takes the pictures of Spider-Man?!”

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  • The sand castle is way more than 18m tho

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  • Nah that's goku's spirit bomb

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  • Water: You dare oppose me mortal?

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  • Nasa might as well have made the Sun

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  • 0:05 "it was created using only sand and water" Me: Then what is dat wood doing there

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  • and then some annoying little kid destroys it

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  • A literal sand castle.

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  • When you wanted to be a fridge but became a microwave cause of family pressure

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