NASI - CIGANSKA LYUBOV, 2020 / Наси - Циганска любов, 2020

29 Sep 2020
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#nasi #циганскалюбов #наси
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Продуцент: Фентъзи Груп Медия
Музика: Силвестър Матеев и Наси за Fantasy Group
Текст: Силвестър Матеев и Наси и Наси за Fantasy Group
Аранжимент: Силвестър Матеев за Fantasy Group
Микс и Мастеринг - Силвестър Матеев за Fantasy Group
Видео: Виктор Костов / 27 visuals /

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  • е така те искам при тебе няма 4-5 знай че като я направи тая песен и аз я видях от тик ток направо откачих дойдех да я чуя не спрях да я слушам цели 3 часа а когато я пуснах за първи път беше 3 часа следобед и чак във 6 часа излезнах да играя футбол.

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  • Български музикален плейлист на Deezer тук: Поздрави от Испания!

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  • Наи. Страхотната. Песен

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  • Страхотна песен просто уникална 😋😋много и яка Хора 😋😋

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  • Savsemm otkachih po presenta strahotna

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  • супер хит❤❤🔝

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  • Feedback from Organ Transplant Experts Louis, a surgeon from Belgium, said he had watched a documentary called Human Harvest, which exposed the CCP's atrocity - organ harvesting. He was shocked by the evidence. He said that organ seizures in China had been commonly known in the organ transplant field, but there were no statistics. He was happy to also receive a detailed report on investigation findings and thought it was very valuable. He planned to read it carefully. Steffen, a leader of an organ transplant center in Germany, said he thought China would stop the practice after 2015, because the Chinese doctors in training at his center had told him that they didn't have anything to do with organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. Steffen said that thinking back made him understand this simple logic: If no organ harvesting had existed after 2015, it would be absolutely impossible to have a growth of 10,000 transplants each year according to China's official report. However, it is believed that the actual number must be much higher. Vihaan, a surgeon from India, said that patients in India could legally purchase kidneys as long as they had legal documents. A COHRC representative told him that the situation in China was different from organ trade because it was a state system utilizing state organs including the military, armed police, prisons, hospitals, and medical professionals. Vihaan was surprised by these facts, and asked what he could do to help stop it. The COHRC representative said legislation could ban organ tourism, and prevent the training of Chinese organ transplant doctors unless they promise not to use unethical organ sources. Vihaan kept nodding on hearing these suggestions. Tim, a medical professional at the exhibition, talked with COHRC representatives on this issue in detail. He said it was unprecedented and very serious. He planned to read the report, and tell his colleagues about it. He expressed his admiration for Falun Gong practitioners who follow the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and peacefully resist the persecution. He wanted to find out more about Falun Gong too. Gaia, a researcher of organ transplant from Greece, said she used to have doubts about organ harvesting when she first heard about it, but she was surprised by the detailed research findings. She kept talking about it with her colleagues. She told COHRC representatives that this was a matter for the whole world, and she wanted to bring the latest report to her university and hospital. Brian is the manager of a large American medical instrument company. He said that China had bought part of his company and his company had sold equipment to several Chinese organ transplant hospitals. Brian wanted to learn more about the CCP's organ harvesting. He also had doubts about his company's decision. He said most of the representatives would probably quit if they knew their Chinese customers were involved in organ harvesting. Martin, an organ transplant surgeon from the U.K., said that organ harvesting was an issue of basic humanity, and highlighted the parallels between the Chinese doctors and Nazi doctors from WWII. Martin said that we humans shouldn't repeat our mistakes, and after World War II, we had said no such thing would happen again, but it happened again! Martin stressed that we must find out the facts and face them. Veceric from Slovenia was appalled to hear about the CCP's organ harvesting crimes, but she said she knew the evilness of the Communist Party, because the people in her country had lived under a communist dictatorship, and were persecuted too. She sincerely hoped the Chinese people would eliminate the Communist Party and return to freedom soon!

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  • Насе разплакал си мнозина хора братле бог да те блгослови...

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  • 💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 😄😄😄😄💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 *Исус Христос е Божият Син, който умря и възкръсна от мъртвите, за да ни даде вечен живот.* *Той също обеща да излекува тялото ви.* *Това е истинска любов!!! (погледнете нагоре и го попитайте)*

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  • Ужас! Какво е това за Бога?!Купените гледания са ясни..

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  • kaw e toq mixing we manqci, toi glasa mu kat nekaw instrument v backgrounda, ebasi bg trendiga e samo laina

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  • Режа коплета и си го въртя по 10тина пъти ,да си го слушам....

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  • Голяма класа, голяма техника, евала Наси!!! За пореден път показа, че си най-добрия!!! 👌🤙👏

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  • По принцип не слушам такава музика но когато чух тази песен си я пуснах над 20 пъти.браво момчето такива песни стават хитове

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  • За пореден път текст и аранжимент огън , само клип направете по така цветно много сте талантливи брат , много Евала

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  • Евалла,стана много добро парче. Гърми в тикток,само нагоре и напред❤Парчето е успокояващо и в същото време избухващо евалла ❤Стана ми любима❤

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