Two Feet - Think I’m Crazy (Official Video)

2 Okt 2020
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Official music video by Two Feet performing "Think I'm Crazy" - available everywhere now:
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A STURDY. & Meanwhile Production

Starring: TwoFeet & Ryann Murphy

Director: Brian Lipko
Creative Director: Max Angels
Executive Producers Kevin Henry & Kyle Nolan
Producer Kyle Nolan & Joy Hubbard

DP: Jack Nitz
AC: Eric Gauntt
2AC: Quanh Le
AD: Kyle Nolan
2nd AD: Arielle Zolezzi

Gaffer: Dimitri Christoforidis
Key Grip: Michael Rosner Hyman
BBG: Mikey Proa
BBE: Hyden Klemes
DMX Programmer: Chris Van Lieshout
SWING: Javanun Crane-Bonnell
Hannah Meachin
Jamie Bibo
Jermaine Brown

EDIT: Brian Lipko
COLOR: Jack Nitz

Stylist: Aquiles Carmones
HMU: Sora Yun

Adam Kargenian
Ozzy Vidrio

PC: Mikey Errante
PA: Aris Ray
PA: Denzel Mendoza

MEDIC: Jessica Mari
CATERING: Los Amigos Catering
SPECIAL THANKS: Valiant Pictures
I thought that i was calling up my friends now But Kurt told me that they were in my head so Do I wanna be like Leo in that movie
Cocaine and groupies
Qualudes and boobies
Ooh I’ve got lots to do no no
And I really fuck with you oh oh
Would you wanna stay around I know,
you know, don’t go
I think im crazy, lately. Everything is hazy.
Everything and anything I ever want to do.
I think im crazy lately, feeling like im faded
Everywhere I go
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
I need to tell you something weird about me I like it when you tie the rope around me
And my life has always been a little different Since you’ve been in it
Got double vision
I think im crazy, lately. Everything is hazy.
Everything and anything I ever want to do.
I think im crazy lately, feeling like im faded
Everywhere I go
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
I think im crazy, lately. Everything is hazy.
Everything and anything I ever want to do.
I think im crazy lately, feeling like im faded
Everywhere I go
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
I think im crazy, lately. Everything is hazy.
Everything and anything I ever want to do.
I think im crazy lately, feeling like im faded
Everywhere I go
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Music video by Two Feet performing Think I’m Crazy.

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