TRAPPING 4 Massive Boars in 1 HOME-MADE trap!!! {Catch Clean Cook} Bar B Q Bacon Wrapped

11 Feb 2021
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  • Rob u liked mt comment once and i still remember whrn u did. 3 years ago!!!

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    • @deermeatfordinner I'm heading to Texas this weekend to do some hog hunting with dogs. Any chance of getting a recipe or 2 too cook some meat when I get back home. This looked awesome. Thanks! Love your vids!!

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    • Rob, been here since the beginning, this recipe is awesome and my new favorite!!!

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    • hi

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  • I just kill everyone I see. They tear everything up, like we have some friends next to our property and their crops for the year were destroyed by hogs

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  • Heck yeah Brady!!!

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  • Wow i enjoyed watching your vlog.i have two accnt and now i will subscribe here 2nd time .i watch since yesterday night in my another accnt and today i watch allday until now .hope you can notice me nextime in your vlog Mary Rose Doolan from New Mexico,I grow up in Philippines and i love fish but we cooked whole fish 🐠.. god bless sir ..

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  • Vegans: 👁👄👁

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  • Lol he said pick up your trash but how can she pick up her dad?

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  • You stoked you got Brady or what?

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  • 4:22 😂😂😂

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  • If you got a problem with Rob, you got a problem with me.

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  • I think the pig punch will work first

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  • God Bless

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  • Once upon a time, i used to eat this dam delicious meat lmao

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  • Emma's thinking "Why don't you crawl under there, dad!" HAHA!

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  • Yesssir I am a buc fan also they got demolished

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  • What is the best gun for hog hunting

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  • Wow I’m so surprised I never new about u until kendell and like ur now my favorite DEhave thank you!!!

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  • Your daughter fell for the trap perfectly lol

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  • the worst super bowl ever

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  • I really enjoy watching your video from philiphines

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  • Wow I love them knifes!

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  • Rob my name is Paul I am from Virginia , I would love to see u make a video of u and tom Brady do a fishing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • You are clearly an expert at this, but I can imagine how many people aren't experts and decide to do this unethically. Are hunters monitored while hunting?

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  • Im gonna be honest, em leaning on the rails looking over that gator gave me anxiety.

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  • Jt I want some of your cooking

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  • Did it for 19 mins 😂 seen the clock lol

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  • Wanted to see the construction workers reactions!!!! Great video

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  • Wow, Wish I wasn't poor and hungry right now.

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  • Yo dawg pay attention to your daughter

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  • I spent hours watching on your family and I still can't get enough God bless you and your family keep bringing your base videos

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  • Go Bucs!!! Tom Brady is the GOAT!!!

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  • watching now from PHILIPPINES . that was so good for sure ur the man, keep on hunting good lack.

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  • Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! Unfortunately I had to use store bought pork cause my job has kept me out the woods for several months. Love the videos!

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  • Kinda felt bad when his daughter wanted to know more while he just ignored her 😪

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  • Could I just use Pork Tenderloin and do this recipe? Would it still be good?

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  • 12:34 YOU SEE WHAT THE ( RAMS HOG) F*CK U GOT US IN !! 😡🤣👏👏

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  • Does anyone else think of Bob Ross when he’s wrapping the strap in bacon.

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  • The victorious calculus pathologically cover because santa annually reign between a teeny lentil. quirky, endurable shallot

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  • God Bless You!!

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  • Love your channel man 🙏

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  • 3:40 I think he took the game 'cornhole' a tad too literally

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  • Let’s see rope+22 LR+pocket knife= wild hog for lunch or dinner and I know how they cut hogs or any animal cause I’ve cut a cow

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  • Love your videos my job might be taking me down to Florida I look forward to doing some of these cool adventures and possibly meeting you.

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  • "...and the pig, for though it divides the hoof, thus making a split hoof, it does not chew cud, it is unclean to you. You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you. " --- Leviticus 11:7-8

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  • Great skill man 😊 Please all of you here stay safe and healthy 🥰

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  • I’m already high but when he made that bundle of love

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  • i also liked the look of that . . . free range ? cow .

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  • Can someone send this video to the Vegan Teacher she would love 💘 this

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  • D

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  • Best part of this video....A dad in the woods with him little girl spending time together. Best part by far.

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  • Beautiful family

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  • Ur good at caching animals

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  • day 23 of asking youtubers to like my comment

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  • This guy is treating boars better than cops treating black people. Wtf is wrong in America??

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  • I'd like to live there n do what you do

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  • Hi Robert & family. Here's the thing, we're not usually given to comment like this, however Rob, our hats are off to you and your beautiful family. I am now rather disabled and can no longer do as one used to do. Nevertheless, I find your posts informative and we would like to thank you for your often sunny and genuine disposition. Please accept warmest regards from Summer -time New Zealand.

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  • Em is the cutest 🥺

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