If life was like one of those TERRIBLE mobile game ads (part 3)

16 Feb 2021
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A gaming short about how life would be if it was one of those mobile game ads. This is the third entry in the series. By now we have all probably seen those ads for mobile games that are just very poorly made and not at all gameplay footage of the actual game😂. Those ads are just so terrible they are almost funny, so I decided to make a parody skit about them. In this part, the players try to open a door, but they all fail until the last player thinks outside the box.
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  • Plot twist: You have the best iq in the game

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  • Open you the door

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  • Por esta razón amigos no hay que tener hijos

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  • When you are dumb: READ THE SIGN IDIOTS

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  • Nadie, los anuncios de mafia city

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  • Mobile Ads be like:

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  • My everyday life be like

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