How to build a 2000HP Lamborghini Engine l Part 1 l Subi-Performance

16 Okt 2020
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I build this Engine for a German DEhaver Philipp Kaess here is the link to his channel
With the videos I give you an insight into my work.
Subi-Performance Engine manufacturer specializing in the construction of Subaru high-performance boxer engines.
Most of the tools I use are from Snap-on and the measuring equipment is from Mitutoyo.
Main Camera: Panasonic Lumix G DMC-GX8H
Action Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black
If you have any Questions write me an E-mail :
Mit den Videos gebe ich euch einen Einblick in meine Arbeit .
Meine Firma Subi-Performance ist eine Motorenmanufaktur, die auf den Bau von Hochleistungs-Boxermotoren der Marke Subaru spezialisiert ist.
Die meisten Werzeuge, die ich benutze sind von Snap-on und die Messmittel sind von Mitutoyo.
Haupt-Kamera: Panasonic Lumix G DMC-GX8H
Action-Kamera: GoPro 4 Hero Session
I like Dachshunds !

  • Das geht an alle deutschen Klugscheisser BORING vs. DRILLING BORING is a cutting process that involves the use of a single-point cutting tool or boring head to enlarge an existing hole in a workpiece. ... While DRILLING is performed to create an initial hole in a workpiece, boring is performed to enlarge an existing hole in a workpiece.

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