24 Sep 2020
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Released on: 2020-09-25
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  • Bring me a better way of live i will join you. but remember i bring you the truth... Würde mich freuen wenn du das hier liest und dir das 1 Verlinkte Video zumindest angucken würdest. Mach dir ein Bild es könnte das beste Bild sein das du je gemacht hast, oder eins von vielen. Niemand kann dein Herz kontrollieren, denn das gehört allein dir Inshallah. / 1. Prophet Muhammad saaw - The greatest Man in history. Einfach mal für die Leute die es Interessiert oder etwas dazu lernen möchten, fragen haben auf die sie die Antwort nicht kennen. Ich empfehle euch das Buch (Glaube und Islam von Hüseyn Hilmi Isik) da lernt man alle Grundlagen und wichtigen Dinge des Islams und sehr viel mehr, auch über den Propheten Muhammad saaw, wenn es euch interessiert. hier noch paar links zu Personen die auch sehr viel wissen haben über den Islam, oder allgemein Videos die interessant sind. / 2. Throne of Allah / 3. Creation of Adam / 4. Birth and Death of Angel Jibreel / 5. Jahannam/Hell / 6. Wath Islam means / 7. From darkness to light / 8. 27 Miracles of Quran / 9. Everyone is Born a Muslim / 10. Islam is a Peaceful Religion-Oxford Union / 11. Atheist Assemble / 12. How Muslims Pray/quran recitation / 13. How Muslims Pray/quran recitation / 14. Dr. Zakir Naik/questions about Islam / How Muslims Pray / Quran Recitation / 15. Dr. Zakir Naik/questions about Islam / 16. Dr. Zakir Naik/about Islam / 17. Proof that we Living in The End Times. / 18. Army of Satan. pls watch all parts on the channel. / ! 18.1 EX-ILLUMINATI speaking out / ! 18.2 EX-ILLUMINATI speaking out (German Version) / 19. Women Taking Shahada / 19.1 Muslim Woman Spoke about the Reality ! / 20. Man Taking Shahada / 21. can Bring you to Jannah/Paradise / 22. To be a Muslim in America/fear about Islam / Millionaire my path to Islam / Story of the Ugly Man / 23. Angel of Death / 24. After Death / 25. 1 Night in Grave / 26. Jahannam/Hell / 27. In Hell / 28. To the Muslim Soul After Death / 29. On Judgement Day / 30. Guid for you / 31. Dr. Zakir Naik. Logically Proves to an Atheist the Existence of Hell & Heaven / 32. Dr. Zakir Naik. question Why Allah Created Us ? / 33. INTELLIGENT Atheist vs Muslim, Br Mohammed Hijab / 34. Dawah on Street learning about Islam / 35. Story of Muhammad saaw. The Night Journey (Al Isra Wal Miraj) La ilaha illa Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah.... /35.1 Surah An-Naazi,aat. Quran surah (79). I recommend you to watch every video start with 1 best. Then decide for yourself what you want to believe in. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, how you look, what race you have, what skin color, your social status, Man or Woman everything doesn't matter, it doesn't matter! This message is for everyone for all of humanity, to show you the truth. It's up to you if you can accept it. you have your own will and your heart no one controls it. Your decision is for you alone. You don't want to become a Muslim, even after you've watched all the videos no problem, you don't want to watch the videos no problem everyone can live as they want in islam there is no compulsion. but remember i bring you the truth to save you. on judgment day you will not be able to say no one cleared me up, no one told me the truth i was influenced oh please forgive me, but then it is unfortunately already too late because this life is a Test and it ends with your death. oh Allah forgive us guid us .... Important if you have a problem with that things, that i say. blame me not Islam. Islam is perfect i´m not. If you strugle with the qestion, why i waste my time for this videos or similar, dont lie to your self. you waste already your time. The first thing that the Devil try is to bring you away from the truth to his way. Example you watch films, series, something on TV, play games and other things that pass the time. that bring you fun, but not everything that is fun is good for you. in the end you lose time. so you could think of these videos from the links as a kind of series, wich is very exciting btw. and watch a video every day as an example, or every week as you like. in the end, even if you can't do anything with it, you have at least learned something about Islam one of the Bigest Religions in this world and the fast growing. And you really can't see that as a waste of time, can you? Why ? Because knowledge is power. but remember the Devil and his follower will try everything to keep you away from this knowledge and to distract you with worldly things. if you disagree with what I say and mark it as a lie prove to me that I am lying but pls watch first all videos that saves time. Of course you can make kritik on me, for my bad grammar and English skills. I know that im not good at this, but i hope i write it in a way, that you can it understand. Thats the important thing. I know that my brother dont make this mistakes he is a english,history teacher and make his Doctor and have much more knowledge than me. even at his acts he is better than me. Maybe he laugh when he se this and see how bad my english is haha i will laugh with him. The point is im not my brother he have also his mistakes, like me like you and every human being. Muslim, means,the one who submission to the will of allah. Not that you a perfect person. In the eyes of Allah it is important how you behave and decide wath in your heart is, and not your reputation, your knowledge, your appearance, even if you are a King who looks good, who knows a lot and does good. A person who has nothing, doesn't look good, has little knowledge and does good; can be much higher in the eyes of Allah. Example Even if I did not believe in Allah and his Prophet, I would have to admit to myself, after all the knowledge I have acquired about Islam and all the things I have seen and heard, that Islam is the most logical and best way for people , Animals and this world. Look at this beautiful world, how the animals, trees, all life lives in harmony with this planet and everything around this complex system that clearly comes in harmony and how balance this exists. And now look at the people we have Good and Bad , who are using this planet and acting in their favor, all of these bad qualities and not living in harmony. Where's The Justice, Why are it The people who don't belong here and seem out of place. If You Come with a open mind and heart you will see that Islam is the only logical way that gives you the answer. At the End you can belive in atheism, or evrey other Religion for me its fine i have also non Muslim Friends and i respect every human i dont want to hurt anyone its your choice no one can force you stay with love ^^. Do you accept islam, do not think that you have to change your life completely now everything comes with time inshallah. Inshallah means, so allah wants, because nothing happens without his will /The 99 Names of Allah. You only need take Shahada in Arabic and your language with full believe to become a Muslim: that is the seed that that you put. With time you give the seed water, thats the way .when you learn something ,thats your water, when you do something good ,thats your water, when you follow the rules of Islam thats your water, when you pray thats your water, that you give to the seed. So your seed grows slowy with this inshallah, you will become a flower. Wath happen when you stop giving water to a flower ? so dont stop :) pray to allah guide me und you get never lost inshallah. Für Alle die ein Wenig, oder keine Englisch kenntnisse haben, Google übersetzer klärt schon :D könnt natürlich auch Jemanden fragen den ihr kennt das er übersetzt, die Frage ist A: Dauert das länger ? und B: Sagt er mir die Wahrheit ?

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  • Wie Rollerblades von KC Rebell und Summer Cem

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    • @1567 _ Türkçede Delara ,Dilara diye geçiyor kadının instagramını bilmiyorum

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    • @Ayşe Yaman and why stands everywhere delara? Even on this picture of this song ? and at the discription for their official song ? and her instagram?

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    • @pashix absoluter schmutz von mensch. wenn der öffentliche druck nicht so hoch gewesen wär hätt sie die kohle nie zurückgegeben, abstoßende, grässliche frau, charakter 0/10

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    • digga bist du irgendwie nen bisschen dumm? wie kann man den bitte haten und nicht wissen das es schon seit wochen anders ist mit Petra und co.

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    • hat sie doch

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  • Richtig nicer song Lori Respekt @Loredana

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    • richtig nice die alte abgezockt, respekt!

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    • @LYNCH unterstützen würde ich sie deswegen auch auf keinen Fall, ich finde nur, dass das im Gegenteil zu miguel noch ,,harmloser'' ist, was aber trotzdem auf keinen Fall klar geht

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  • Allah, erhaben sei Er, sagte in Sura Luqman, Vers 6: „Unter den Menschen gibt es manchen, der zerstreuende Unterhaltung erkauft, um (die Menschen) von Allahs Weg ohne (richtiges) Wissen in die Irre zu führen.“ Der Schriftgelehrte der Ummah, ibn 'Abbas, möge Allah mit ihnen zufrieden sein, sagte: „Es ist der Gesang.“

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