Dame Tu Cosita Alien vs cute Hamster pets - Mr Hamster Maze #hamsterstories #mazediytraps

16 Feb 2021
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A cute hamster is in the room watching TV showing the song `` Dame Tu Cosita '' when suddenly an alien spaceship comes to kidnap DQ Hámter хомяк . The hamster is sent to a maze, where there is dangerous noise.
This is a training course to test the brilliance and agility of the Mr. Hasmter. Hope you enjoy and support my Hamster. Thank you for watching!
Producer & Director - Truong Tho
Editor & Sound designer - Trung Hieu
Production Designer - Truong Tho
© Copyright by DQ Entertainment
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  • Hear! Hamsters were not domesticated right away and in their life in the wild they had worse things than that because you can see that it is made of soft cardboard that bends. So don't hate, because you have no idea about it!

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  • If they are climbing on the bars it means they are stressed and they need a bigger cage or something

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  • I love certain parts of the video, but I just wish some of these hamster owners did some research before owning a hammy :(

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