Which Marble Track Is Best?

22 Feb 2021
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Video edited by Hannes Knutsson
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    Alguém por aíAlguém por aíVor Stunde
  • Random question, could you have a "shaker"? something that repetitively hits or moves the channels? Either a bar that taps the back of the channel or shifts it to cause some vibration.

    The Man With No NameThe Man With No NameVor 2 Stunden
  • O long time no see

    HZStudioHZStudioVor 3 Stunden
  • MARIO!!

    Landen HoefsLanden HoefsVor 4 Stunden
  • ever thought of a graphite lubricator mecnanism that continually applies graphite as a dry lube to the marbles???

    robert kennionrobert kennionVor 4 Stunden
  • If there is some sort of solidworks for these designs, that would be great for testing before CNBC.

    Pedro PereiraPedro PereiraVor 5 Stunden
  • Don’t worry about it taking so long. I believe many of us are makers at heart and love to learn with you. Of course I want to see the final machine one day but that would mean the journey would kind of be over. Sad day 🤣 While we‘re at it, I am so so so impressed how your skills and personality have evolved over the course of that project. Oh, and can you make some music on the machine for us?

    Michel FeldheimMichel FeldheimVor 5 Stunden
  • I have just had this idea... Maybe it can help. When being played, the MMX constantly vibrates and moves around. Whenever a marble gets stuck in these gates it really doesn't need much to make it fall through. So maybe, and that is a big maybe, you don't really have to care about them being stuck just a little and while they are built into the machine everything runs smoothly. So I think you should do a test with the gates built into the machine. If you are lucky none in a couple thousand will get stuck...

    Orlando B00mOrlando B00mVor 5 Stunden
  • You didn't tilt the two question-mark-paths. If you tilt them in the way you mount them on the machine, the marbles will actually have to go *upwards* which will get them always stuck, if the marble lane feeding it is running dry!

    Martin WMartin WVor 6 Stunden
  • don't dent or mar as easily. Wood will need some finishing done to deal with the same conditions.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytVor 7 Stunden
  • 9:14 Gunde Svan plays Mario?

    swerasnymswerasnymVor 7 Stunden
  • I believe tin the ?! The vertical path on the right should not be completely vertical. The marbles gets stuck when the center of the bottom rightmost marble, is pushed further right, than the center of the top rightmost marble. If the path forces the bottom rightmost marble's center to always be further left, than the top one, then it should never get stuck (as long as the width of the track doesn't allow for a similar problem. But try to add a small wedge for the bottom marble, forcing it a little bit further left.

    Martin FyhnMartin FyhnVor 8 Stunden
  • just and idea. why do you need the zig zag vertical. culd it not just aswell be horizontal. that way the slope would be the same but the pressure bleedof wuld still work. and you could make all the gates in one piece of playwood. seams like it would work

    KanonOCKanonOCVor 8 Stunden
    • 14:05 "Wilson, food time!" was the most adorable thing I've seen this week!

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytVor 7 Stunden
  • marbles are evil

    Ramón CorreaRamón CorreaVor 9 Stunden
  • Hi Martin, can we that don’t have engineering experience help in any kind of way? (except being member of the channel of course)

    Oskar DampcOskar DampcVor 10 Stunden
  • You need lateral force, and force ball rotation, also consider changing wood type for more friction. The you need a Peogressive zig zag design thats get closed in a logarithmic way.

    juap!juap!Vor 10 Stunden
  • Have you tried making the wooden surface smoother? Reducing friction should work.

    See SharpSee SharpVor 10 Stunden
  • Why dont u use another material with less friction than wood, cause this is the main reason they get stuck

    Reinhard EderReinhard EderVor 11 Stunden
  • Marbles = Evil --- > Evil Machine X ?

    misterbalrogmisterbalrogVor 14 Stunden
  • I found you because of the second channel. Thankful for it!

    Russell HopkinsRussell HopkinsVor 14 Stunden
  • I have a question, why didnt you tried to angle the other designs beside the first one

    Gabriele SerraGabriele SerraVor 15 Stunden
  • Discordians are the followers of the Principia Discordia, not users of Discord!

    Archie HalliwellArchie HalliwellVor 16 Stunden
  • cool, but why is this on my recomended?

    ApiApiVor 17 Stunden
  • I was wondering where the daily updates went! I wasn't subscribed here. Life is good!

    Wizard VegaWizard VegaVor 17 Stunden
  • PMMA Hodler? Are you trying to tell us something? ;-)

    Anthony HAnthony HVor 19 Stunden
  • still waiting for that monster stand up and eat you....

    aldo baldo bVor 20 Stunden
  • po, de boa, ja virou um negocio muito lucrativo rpa ele isso. toda a hora ele "cria" alguma coisa e atrasa mais ainda ....está me cheirando marmelada

    David Lima gamesDavid Lima gamesVor 20 Stunden
  • 14:05 "Wilson, food time!" was the most adorable thing I've seen this week!

    BentroenBentroenVor 20 Stunden
  • "Marbles are evil." -"Marble-Machine" Martin, 2021

    Alpinwolf5Alpinwolf5Vor 21 Stunde
  • You know Martin, if you're willing to use math, you can calculate the exact amount of pressure in a very satisfying and not overly-complicated way. Then you can call yourself an engineer with no reservation.

    ArcKArcKVor 21 Stunde
  • New haircut :)

    ChaomaticChaomaticVor 23 Stunden
  • Martin, the vertical exit, though pleasing to look at, might provide too much of a pressure drop at the very end. The pressure has to go somewhere and I think it’s amplifying the friction against the 90 degree wall, even worse when the gate is angled. There might be a sweet spot, less than vertical, where the pressure is being reduced, but not enough to cause the friction to overcome gravity. If, of course, we still believe in physics. 🙂 Love this content!

    Larison JohnsonLarison JohnsonVor Tag
  • why dont you place magnets around the edge of your test table so they dont keep rolling on the floor?

    James DanielsJames DanielsVor Tag
  • You seem very happy ^-^

    Lennart KrügerLennart KrügerVor Tag
  • You also have to take into consideration the amount of vibration going through the gates during use, and how much vibration it takes to unstick the ball bearings. I'm fairly certain the machien will be vibrating enough to prevent them from sticking during operation. Part of the sticking is probably also related to the the compressibility and friction of the wood, where the ball bearings are pressing and sticking into the end grain of the wood. If you can get a block of HDPE, try making a sample gate out of it, instead of plywood. You could also try coating the bearing path with some kind of lubricant like a spray-on lithium grease or silicon grease/oil

    Ian AdamsIan AdamsVor Tag
  • on part 5, change the angle where it get stuck. Friction on the wood is to big

    M. JeanneM. JeanneVor Tag
  • Have you ever tried with a material with less friction?

    Michael RodinMichael RodinVor Tag
  • couldnt you do the marble channel in a different material?

    Michael WilkinsonMichael WilkinsonVor Tag
  • 9:13 are you okay?

    EckoesEckoesVor Tag
  • How about a double spiral channels?

    Kamil KulińskiKamil KulińskiVor Tag
  • Where did his hair go

    Oliver WesleyOliver WesleyVor Tag
  • seems like the reason the question mark is getting stuck is the static friction between the wood and marble, since the pressure from above is high enough to make the marble stick. If friction is the issue, some graphite lubrication might solve the problem nicely. another potential solution would be to make this part out of clear acrylic (like the conveyor belt) which at a glance seems like it would have a lower coefficient of static friction with the marbles than wood, and offers some aesthetic appeal

    Geoff NGeoff NVor Tag
  • HAHAHA xD I love your humor! The Mario reference was AMAZING!

    CikayCikayVor Tag
  • I love your song star machine 2000

    de a-animatorde a-animatorVor Tag
  • I can't wait for the new machine to be finished!

    SkeletorSkeletorVor Tag
  • 9:14 looks like... he lost his... marbles

    LiLENZO 101LiLENZO 101Vor Tag
  • happen in normal operation. You need to measure successive falls of the marbles ... and you might need a sideways escape in your testing to enable this.

    kolim jonekolim joneVor Tag
  • I love the new format 😍

    Elias RadauerElias RadauerVor Tag
  • im finally able to watch this video now that ive binged everything from winergatan 2

    Andrew HawrylukAndrew HawrylukVor Tag
    • 4:16 I see you are a fellow investor...

      kolim jonekolim joneVor Tag
  • If you increase the first bend of the question mark one with the radius of the marble it might eliminate the marbles getting stuck! Because it seems the two marbles fit fairly perfectly in that turn! I think that the marble that gets stuck finds enough surface area to get stuck on in the second turn with the additional pressure of the second marble which find enough surface area against the back wall with the pressure from the weight of the remaining marbles, causing that first marble to get stuck in the first place. I think that if there was more area between those two turns then they wouldn't get stuck as easily.

    Lòriethalion Isilgor MithredelLòriethalion Isilgor MithredelVor Tag
  • I was wondering where the daily video was from the second channel :P

    sabata2sabata2Vor Tag
  • Perhaps the lack of pressure is what causes it to get stuck

    HmmmmmLemmeThinkNoHmmmmmLemmeThinkNoVor Tag
  • Angled table seems too realistic, what about a table with a bunch of marble size holes that empty to a funnel that pumps marbles into a container nearby?

    Samuel SkalaSamuel SkalaVor Tag
  • me: "you can't convince me. the best youtube moment is--*" martin: ****9:14****

    idan shemeshidan shemeshVor Tag
  • The haircut looks great! :D

    HmmmmmLemmeThinkNoHmmmmmLemmeThinkNoVor Tag
  • 5:45 Now you make it like this: |_ |_ |_ |_ what about this: / \ / \ the right angles are for me not that simple. But with the second version you will even by mounting it 20° rotated not have a hill in that the marbels have to climb if the bottom side as in your design is near horizontal it can easy be tilted back so the marbles (with nearly no pressure) have to climb.

    TechnikchaotTechnikchaotVor Tag
  • make little hammers that give the gates a little knock every beat? :)

    LouisLouisVor Tag
  • Martin once you go beyond the "vertical" you get back into the same issues! The '?' design should not be better that the 'not-?' ones

    pinco pallinopinco pallinoVor Tag
  • Go with the tracks that have the highest pressure below 100. You don't want to go with the lowest pressure, those are the ones most likely to get stuck. You said anything below 100 was acceptable, so why not take anything below that threshold? Imagine that you had a rocket engine that you wanted to keep below 500 celsius. You have one orcket engine that maxes out at 400C. Another one barely goes above 50C. If you disregard all other factors, the 50C engine would be best. But then you'll realize that the 50C engine isn't firing correctly and you didn't account for that because you were only looking at temperature. Same goes for the tracks. You need it to make sure that the marbles will come out more than anything else. Keep the pressure within acceptable limits, but not too low, or you're losing your guarantee that a marble will always come out.

    trevdaktrevdakVor Tag
  • The more pressure gets relieved, the more pressure there will be between the marble and one side of the path, the more likely a marble is to get stuck against the side. I see a trade-off :)

    Janne PeltonenJanne PeltonenVor Tag
  • I saw once, a manufacturer that produced steel ball bearings like yours. The process is incredibly simple and reminded me of rock companies that filter aggregate using different sized screens. The hot steel balls roll down a ramp of two steel rails. The gap between the two rails changes and "filters" out different sized ball bearings. They don't all make it into the same baskets. Some that are border line do make it. The companies are more accepting of certain tolerances so they can remain profitable. Your machine is most likely more strict about the sizes that fit and those that don't. I probably didn't see you talk about this already, however I wanted to ask, have you checked the size of each of your marbles? The infrequent occurrence makes me think there is a random marble that is a different size. It keeps coming back around at random times and that accounts for the sticking marble. Keep going!

    J. C.J. C.Vor Tag
  • Dammit, i thought this was a wintergatan 2 video and i was like "oo more testing!!!"

    Atomicwinter 31Atomicwinter 31Vor Tag
  • Did you say hodler?

    TheGreatDane3TheGreatDane3Vor Tag
  • For marble track #5, you need to make the vertical exterior wall (the side on which the number is written) be tilted towards the pipe. This will make it so that the marble that gets stuck cannot be pushed into the wall by the marble above.

    TheGreenLumpTheGreenLumpVor Tag
  • 4:16 I see you are a fellow investor...

    Matoro342Matoro342Vor Tag
  • If the marbles are unstuck with a little tap.. Would the general vibrations of the MMX not cover those outlier cases?

    bryanarbybryanarbyVor Tag
  • This guy is a genius and he is nice to shoot videos of himself explaining his craft - his country should make him a national treasure!

    Jasen ChambersJasen ChambersVor Tag
  • Milking the cow till the last drop....

    G TG TVor Tag
  • Not gonna lie, I'm getting tired of all this.

    Diário de um casal vikingDiário de um casal vikingVor Tag
  • Stop! using! Plywood! Use pear wood! or maple! or even walnut just don’t use plywood! Buy a Dremel so you can make smooth interior tracks which you will be able to do if you stop using the plywood

    Please I beg you Don’t spamPlease I beg you Don’t spamVor Tag
  • so glad he got a hair cut.

    Murray BartonMurray BartonVor Tag
  • Watching this video made think that the marble gates are a critical part of the MMX, and you mention that some gates are inclined. These prototypes show that some designs are good when vertical, but when inclined they fail. Considering the assumption of the marble gate being critical is correct - it seems so and you have been testing for the optimum gate design, not the optimum inclination - why not consider all the marble gates vertical and design what is around them in function of the gate instead of getting the critical part inclined in function of less critical parts? Again, considering that the gates are indeed the most critical part in regards to the neighbour parts.

    Paulo SilvaPaulo SilvaVor Tag
  • 2 observations, did you try and angle the question mark design backwards, and why not machine them for a molded insert?

    Katana SteelKatana SteelVor Tag
  • The journey is more exciting than the destination in many cases and in this case the journey has been really exciting and interesting and has captured a huge audience. I have to say there is a possibility that when you do finish the marble machine you might even loose some people because how will you keep the excitement and surprise of learning when it is finished ... something to think about, keeping the interaction and excitement going after you have finished ... you might have to build another machine !!! hahah

    Dennis AshDennis AshVor Tag
  • It is frustrating watching this medieval superstitious trial and error. You say the marbles are Evil; but that is just dumb and shows you are ignoring the physics. If a marble gets stuck then the forces are pushing in the wrong direction, it is as simple as that. What do you do in your spare time Martin? Hunt witches?

    Music BroMusic BroVor Tag
  • I'd guess that with the vibrations of a playing MMX, stuck marbles would get shaken out of their misery. Especially when they aren't completely wedged. I think I'd go for version 4 (the first ?) If I had to choose

    Brei KopfBrei KopfVor Tag
  • 4:39 Martin conducts a small scale test.

    Christian HendricksonChristian HendricksonVor Tag
  • Hey, the hairdresser was open again 😁

    BluesAlmightyBluesAlmightyVor Tag
  • Well you are trading pressure for friction. No surprise it is getting stuck when the pressure is reduced that much. Maybe making the wavy channel longer so that this "pressure reduction" will be more spread out among the marbles would result in less friction per individual, preventing such situations?

    kimitsudesukimitsudesuVor Tag
  • I do not understand having over rotation while marbles are inside the tubes. When marbles are touching each other, the back of marble “A” will be rotating the opposite direction of the front of marble “B” directly behind it. This would cause friction between the two marbles. Over rotation is beautiful on the top section but I cannot understand using it in any section where the marbles are in contact with each other. Maybe someone on here can help me understand. 🤷‍♂️

    Chip LinkmanChip LinkmanVor Tag
  • why would you be surprised that a gravity feed system has problems on its side?

    Anira PixelAnira PixelVor Tag
  • honestly i prefer this channel. its more of a treat to see a new video.

    Cranberry JuiceCranberry JuiceVor Tag
  • With the marbles getting stuck, I think the top marble is pushing the lower marble into the right wall and bottom wall. To solve this, you could try taking the position of the lower marble to the left. This would slightly increase pressure, but then it wouldn't get stuck.

    Justin LeanyJustin LeanyVor Tag
  • Martin, what would happen if all the marbles were dusted with graphite powder?

    Christopher M. RichardsonChristopher M. RichardsonVor Tag
  • Effect of graphite on track #1 ?

    Roderick BallanceRoderick BallanceVor Tag
  • Martin , why not make those parts using PERSPEX, simpler (no slots) and full visibility

    fred jamesfred jamesVor Tag
  • 4:16 martin is in bitcoin confirmed

    ArcadianArcadianVor 2 Tage
  • The thumbnail has 2 and 3 mixed up.

    Soul GlitchSoul GlitchVor 2 Tage
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    John PearsonJohn PearsonVor 2 Tage
  • Over-rotation in the gates is completely pointless. It doesn't reduce the pressure on the moving parts, all it does is slow the movement of the marbles down, which is not a good thing when you're playing very fast.

    NecronomiconNecronomiconVor 2 Tage
  • Regarding your concerns about marbles getting stuck due to a non-90° angle, couldn't you 'just' carve the channels at an angle, so that they remain in the proper angle compared to the ground rather than the wood in their blocks? Alternatively cut their outside profile to match the required angles instead of 90°? Think of it like a compass, where the needle (your carved track) stays in place despite turning the outside (the exterior of the block). While this means you'd have to match the right block with the right track on assembly, they should maintain their performance. (If it's made with some tolerances for the machine standing at an uneven floor.)

    Dristan Ross VIIDristan Ross VIIVor 2 Tage
  • Imagine the excitement of the people just now realizing they've got 20 odd videos to catch up on... I'm very jealous. 100%!

    PixelStackerPixelStackerVor 2 Tage
  • Honestly the vibration from the MMX would probably make all of these get stuck scenarios moot.

    Konstantin LetuchyKonstantin LetuchyVor 2 Tage
  • I think I see what is happening. Where it jams is where two adjacent marbles are pressed against the same side of the channel. In the original prototype, at the second bend, the marble on the corner was pressed against the upper/outer wall, and the marble before it was pressed against the inner/lower wall. That meant that both wanted to rotate in the opposite direction to start falling, and were therefore helping each other. (A clockwise cog drives an anticlockwise cog.) Here, the two marbles that jam want to rotate the same way as each other, and so they resist each other's movement.

    Niall TraceyNiall TraceyVor 2 Tage
  • Allways a video ends in a huge payoff :)

    DdgdhfjbDdgdhfjbVor 2 Tage
  • Guy playing with his wood

    Jaydon BoiiJaydon BoiiVor 2 Tage
  • Does somebody know what marvelous tablet and app Martin is using?

    RandomStuffRandomStuffVor 2 Tage
  • hey Martin. take a look at the back of Pachinko machines. basically real marble slot machines. I have one sitting here and the marble returns design will give you some great ideas. Don;t be embarrassed. It;s all new to you and I am glad you are working to actually learn.

    KiddsockTVKiddsockTVVor 2 Tage
  • WHy dont you try using a strong magnet somewhere in the places where it gets stuck and make it more simple! dont have 2 zig zags

    johnnyboy2459johnnyboy2459Vor 2 Tage
  • Hey martin just an idea. Over time, the wood will be dented in these sorts of parts (New marble rails included). Maybe painting on a thin layer of clear epoxy resin would be a good investment? If you do go down this route some advice I would give is coat the entire surface of a part at once because the edge of a layer always seems to not weld well with the next.

    Tom WhippTom WhippVor 2 Tage