2021 Kia Telluride vs Hyundai Palisade // Battle Of The Affordable Luxury SUVs

3 Feb 2021
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Two affordable SUVs, the 2021 Kia Telluride SX Nightfall trim meets the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy. Same frame, same engine, and similarly priced with the Hyundai and the KIA both costing about 55,000 CAD (44,500 USD) but which one should you buy? Watch as Thomas and James take these two bargain 3-row family-haulers out for a drive! WATCH! SUBSCRIBE!
Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes.
Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • Hey everyone, two quick corrections. First, and perhaps MOST importantly, Thomas meant Ed, not Eddy. Also, the 10-year warranty we reference is US only. In Canada, its a 5 year. Sad face. Have a great day!

    James EngelsmanJames EngelsmanVor 3 Monate
    • @James Engelsman no this isn't the top trim for Telluride. The top trim has the nicer headliner and nappa leather seats.

      LtFirefighterLtFirefighterVor 25 Tage
    • @2FAST4U Ates really? So how come Huyndai and Kia last longer then a lot of other companies such as bmw and Benz and Ford how come Kia and Huyndai give huge warranty since they aren’t reliable ? You are definitely not being honest because we owned a Huyndai and drove the hell of out it and was a 2005 Santa Fe and never had single issue other then regular maintenance if these companies weren’t reliable they wouldn’t do big warranty like that also even Honda and Toyota don’t give that much warranty only companies who don’t trust their cars don’t give warranty so Kia and Huyndai definitely trust their cars and maybe your stuck in the year 90s and 2000s Huyndai advanced after 2000 and been doing better and better and now they are one of the best if not the best for me I see Huyndai all over Canada tons of them sold not because of price because in term of price they share same price as Honda and Toyota but Huyndai give a lot more then those shitty looking Japanese cars with cheap interior and ugly as hell looking exterior Huyndai is definitely top cars right now better then even German cars which suck balls just a stupid badge this Huyndai with this much luxury is going to dominate the car industry and it already is specially with the gv 80 I already see this suv all over the place so I think your comment is not honest and just hating and lying about you being an expert because if you were you would know these cars are selling just as much as number of people go to McDonald’s drive through

      Evan’s ShowEvan’s ShowVor Monat
    • @2FAST4U Ates in Canada is rip off that’s why the goverment in Canada charge companies tons of taxes and rip them off this to why we get less same as phone companies here they rip people off insurance companies and all these private companies you know why ? Because our Canadian goverment all they care about is charging tons of taxes they don’t care about the citizens and guess what ? Who gets hurt ? Us and the health care system is a joke here I went to emergency for a very dangerous head injury and I waited there for 7 hours if you get sick need surgery your going to die they make a big deal of health care it’s fake it’s an excuse to rip people off and companies with taxes end of the day the goverment charge big companies tons of taxes and big companies charge us more and in the end we lose customers and citizens people in Canada are suffering and also the Canadian goverment is killing all small businesses and Keeping big companies around because they pay tons of taxes I don’t know why some people think we live well in Canada people with regular jobs are suffering so now answering your question I hope what I said helped

      Evan’s ShowEvan’s ShowVor Monat
    • They're both decent 7 person SUV's. Very roomy. It does suck to have the 5 year warranty instead of the 10 year only available in the US. Someone mentioned and year, how do you go about getting that one in Canada?!

      Rob-Roy MacNaughtonRob-Roy MacNaughtonVor Monat
    • yeah Hyundai lane keeping system is very smooth but very dangerous. smoothness of the system is more important to Hyundai than safety.

      asfdafasdfwfrgasfdafasdfwfrgVor 2 Monate
  • 10 year warranty on both make tells u there's lots of problems lol 😆 😂

  • although both kia and Hyundai bunch of engines rebuilt and cheap quality even mazda sells more and is higher quality more reliable

  • Telluride is Awesome. Now make Telluride truck

    Y SY SVor 4 Tage
  • I completely agree with the button gear shifter!

    Lauren GreenLauren GreenVor 5 Tage
  • Thomas and James, Yuri and Jacob easily 2 of my favorite channels! And both canadian!

    Michael TarubalMichael TarubalVor 5 Tage
  • imgine the kia had white running lights instead of those stupid ass orange lights it would have looked soo much better

    Jyotirmoy RoyJyotirmoy RoyVor 5 Tage
  • Palisade is a place in Colorado too....

    ImYourAkompliceImYourAkompliceVor 6 Tage
  • Your video showed up in my DEhave algorithm and I’m a fan! Love the comparison! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. QueMrs. QueVor 6 Tage
  • I don't the presenters personalities. In Australia we are nice to our friends. Life is too short to have a miserable time. I have blocked this channel.

    R ButlerR ButlerVor 6 Tage
  • You guys show your face more than showing Cars 😑😑

    Syed Najmus SakibSyed Najmus SakibVor 7 Tage
  • The telluride is more sporty looking

    David PDavid PVor 8 Tage
  • 20 minutes of talking to each other, worthless video.

    Joe mamaJoe mamaVor 8 Tage
  • Looks amazing but totally worthless as an AWD or 4x4. This doesn't even have 4 low gearing...or downhill decent assist so you are dead coming down a steep hill on ice and snow... so don't think about driving this to ski resort in a real storm. Believe me I live on a mountain peak and 4 low has saved my life endless times. At least the palisade, pathfinder, forerunner, Taureg, etc. have either low gearing or downhill decent assist control. But most people see AWD and think they are good to go... but they are clueless. This is a beautiful vehicle though if you are just looking for a city street SUV that looks cool and runs well...

    Thad LoganThad LoganVor 8 Tage
  • Like the Interior of the Hyundai and the exterior of the Kia, totally agree

    Crazy prayingmantisCrazy prayingmantisVor 10 Tage
  • anyone else thing that the telluride kinda looks like a cullinan?

    tveena10tveena10Vor 11 Tage
  • There’s no back to front it’s definitely front to back 😂

    Aegon TargaryenAegon TargaryenVor 12 Tage
  • Telluride exterior is beast and palisades interiors just too damn saxii too tougher choose.

    Shahid hossainShahid hossainVor 14 Tage
  • Kia is soo much better outside India

    Champ FTWChamp FTWVor 15 Tage
  • Palissade no power folding mirror in Canada wth?!?! But International they have it 🤦‍♂️. The other down side is NO wireless android auto or car play when u get the expensive trim with the 10.25 inch infosystem 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ but uf u get the basic one 8 inch that one is wireless 🤣 ... but the rest super nice SUV and video 👍

    ricsalsaricsalsaVor 15 Tage
  • Hey, Thanks for your amazing auto reviews! I like to request for Kia Carnival, Honda Odyssey n Toyota Sienna comparison review if it’s possible...... love to hear from you guys about this mini van segment with 8 seats. Thanks guys, you are awesome 👌

    Ankur SapraAnkur SapraVor 16 Tage
  • You do get the better head liner but the top trim is the SX Prestige!

    Steelfan77Steelfan77Vor 16 Tage
  • My family and I (M42, F43, B9, G9) test drove two different Tellurides, one SX Nightsky and one SX. We also test drove 2 Hyundai Palisade Ultimate Calligraphy editions. We loved the look of both, we loved how the engine picked up in both, but the ride in both was what set us off. We drove the same route with these vehicles and 3 other make/models and by the end of the test drive the Telluride and Palisade both left 3 out of the 4 of us in the family feeling physically ill due to vibration from the road. We additionally test drove a single Santa Fe and did not feel ill from that test drive.

    Rob MarshallRob MarshallVor 17 Tage
  • The palisade is a hurst, once you see it you can’t un see it

    Ryan CavenderRyan CavenderVor 18 Tage
  • Telluride is sooo good

    BerkayBerkayVor 18 Tage
  • FYI, Palisade is also a town in Colorado.

    Hockeytown9Hockeytown9Vor 18 Tage
  • We bought the Kia Telluride SX Nightfall Edition in Gravity Gray . We absolutely love it. It sincerely feels like a luxury SUV.

    George AndersonGeorge AndersonVor 18 Tage
  • First Throttle House video in a while and it opens with James in a trunk.... Good to see nothings changed 😂

    LunchLunchVor 19 Tage
  • Please redesign that front grill Hyundai...

    Sonu MathewSonu MathewVor 19 Tage
    • It looks good there’s no need

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
  • I would go for the Hyundai if it had a nightfall type blacked out trim.

    Bobby ClaryBobby ClaryVor 20 Tage
  • Hệ thống treo của hyundai bồng bềnh quâ

    CoCoMeLoon CoCoCoMeLoon CoVor 21 Tag
  • Wow!! My country's cars!!

    bibim Gugsubibim GugsuVor 22 Tage
  • Just got the Palisade, love it. We originally wanted telluride but it wasn't as comfy inside. Agree with your review of both. Both awesome cars

    Alonzo LaurelAlonzo LaurelVor 22 Tage
  • Palisade is also a town in Colorado....just North of Telluride...

    Taco BellTaco BellVor 23 Tage
  • ugh! its so frustrating because I really wish I could combine the two cars! I personally want the kia brand, the palisade name, the Telluride front, and the palisade back. They really made it hard to choose this time

    cakesoncupscakesoncupsVor 23 Tage
  • Bruh Kia is a south Korean brand

    Guy martinGuy martinVor 24 Tage
  • I love the look of the Telluride , but I wonder about it's longevity . I guess time will tell .

    Nikki WildsNikki WildsVor 24 Tage
  • 12:03 We know now that he does sit down to wipe his bum

    Arghya MohantyArghya MohantyVor 24 Tage
  • You better not stand up to wipe your bum cause that's some 15th century BS right there.

    TetzuoTetzuoVor 26 Tage
  • UK people much better polished. Nice review.

    Pray and ServePray and ServeVor 27 Tage
  • The palisade also has a hud on the windshield when the ignition is on

    speed g 77speed g 77Vor 27 Tage
  • It's like an ordinary car review. I think you guys have to tell both of the cars details review.

    Ibrahim ShibluIbrahim ShibluVor 28 Tage
  • Kia or Hyundai.. vehicles that last less than 40k Miles .. my highlander will outlast those two

    jc guevarajc guevaraVor 28 Tage
    • Maybe in 2005, new ones easily last 100k miles or more, also the highlander is lower quality, smaller, less features/tech. All the highlander has is reieblity so unless your keeping a Car 15+ years there’s no point

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
    • Maybe 20 years ago...

      Stinky SundaeStinky SundaeVor 27 Tage
  • Telly for the young demographic, Palisade for the older crowd...

    Iron HeelIron HeelVor 28 Tage
  • So the transmission in Palisade is CVT style shifting

    John SmithJohn SmithVor 29 Tage
  • Huyndai all the way

    Evan’s ShowEvan’s ShowVor Monat
  • They really do sell some horrors in the US. Thankfully these frightfully ugly beasts do not make it to the UK.

    Tz 6Tz 6Vor Monat
  • Would not buy either !!! Not a fan of Kia or huyndia. I just stick with American made vehicles. These however would make a great family vehicle if your ok with these companies

    Shirley ShafferShirley ShafferVor Monat
  • Hi, Please do a Kia Sorento 2021 review, thanks

    Kevin Ch.Kevin Ch.Vor Monat
  • I was expecting another boring car review. I certainly didn't expect this great duo.

    Tony NietnagelTony NietnagelVor Monat
  • You guys are the only people that I know who spells Hyundai (nearly) correctly

    표승현표승현Vor Monat
  • I mean...the orange DRLs are cool!

    Paul MasseyPaul MasseyVor Monat
  • Don't know how so many choose the Telluride on looks over the Palisade. IMO, the Palisade is gorgeous while the Telluride looks like a goofy Explorer.

    romanl1977romanl1977Vor Monat
  • Was considering the Palisade and just realized it doesn’t have power folding side mirrors. Telluride has it but interior is not as nice as the Palisade. Crazy how it’s lacking such a relatively basic feature. It is available on the Korean version.

    Simon ChoSimon ChoVor Monat
  • I gotta give Thomas the biggest high five if I ever happen to meet him. That shift selection button trend is AWFUL. Shifting between Park, drive and reverse should not be that barebones. The reason i chose my Infiniti QX50 over a lot of others like the Acura SUVs because its just so annoying to have to deal with. Don’t get me started with that awful little shifting turn wheel volume knob looking thing that Chrysler does. Why do they change what doesn’t need to be changed???!!!

    SpreetSpreetVor Monat
  • And the Kia smells like the Hyundai?

    Jonathan Jesus Maldonado BarajasJonathan Jesus Maldonado BarajasVor Monat
  • Kdm battle!!!!

    SerrNexusSerrNexusVor Monat
  • KIA looks more attractive

    YuraYuraVor Monat
  • Great differences review, I didn't have to watch other comparisons, honestly opinion for what makes one better than other one and way round.

    Jairo AjpopJairo AjpopVor Monat
  • The rare competition spectacularly license because cost exemplarily talk modulo a voracious cave. symptomatic, awake committee

    Raminez DeryRaminez DeryVor Monat
  • Idaho has a dam called Palisade very beautiful place to visit if you like a forest scenery and great place to go boating and fishing.

    99 Zulu99 ZuluVor Monat
  • I like them, because always compare the car what i want

    Vvpp 01Vvpp 01Vor Monat
  • good Suv's but very overrated

    Jason LeeJason LeeVor Monat
    • Overrated for a reason

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
  • Define ‘affordable’ for avg American

    HappyHappy JoyJoyHappyHappy JoyJoyVor Monat
    • Starts at 30k tops out at 49k

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
  • The Palisade is just too ugly... The Kia, I could live with... But I’m waiting for Honda to unveil their next Pilot, that should be interesting based on the new MDX. I really don’t need my mainstream car to look like a luxury car as long it is well designed and properly thought out. If I want a beemer, or a merc, I’ll just go and buy one.

    sphaerasphaeraVor Monat
  • Tiger woods car crash ?

    ชัชนนท์ อมรชัยโรจน์กุลชัชนนท์ อมรชัยโรจน์กุลVor Monat
  • ㅑ will take telus!!

    Into the TruthInto the TruthVor Monat
  • Was interested in the Palisade UNTIL I saw the lawsuit and other complaints over build quality. No thanks.

    NightbirdNightbirdVor Monat
  • 2018 KIA Sorento here, I will say the advertised speed 0-60 might be lower than what I can do with a 3.3 liter v-6.

    Todd AulnerTodd AulnerVor Monat
  • The Kia with the night package blacked out look, looks pretty good... otherwise the Kia makes me want to puke and I don't know why people can even like it...

    MissyMalapropMissyMalapropVor Monat
  • I am really not a big fan of these big grills on any brand but i think it suits better on the new Genesis Suv, looks like many other cars though ...

    Jung KJung KVor Monat
  • Thank you for giving Korean car generous review ~

    Jung KJung KVor Monat
  • What is the biggest SUV?

    Хavi’s WorldХavi’s WorldVor Monat
  • Please someone bring Kia Telluride to Pakistan.

    Asad MunirAsad MunirVor Monat
  • You guys act like a couple of flakes

    ThetimetravelerThetimetravelerVor Monat
  • Can you do a comparison of minivans? honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, new Kia Carnival, Chrysler... I'd love that

    Oz AkmanOz AkmanVor Monat
  • I prefer the Palisade more than the telluride

    Paul BonifacioPaul BonifacioVor Monat
  • Both look and perform amazing for the value👌🏻👍🏻

    Omer CalisOmer CalisVor Monat
  • Congratulation 🌺🌸 ⭐⭐⭐⭐😬

    anonymous Xanonymous XVor Monat
  • night sky with the moss colour looks tough

    Hyundai Reviews by DylanHyundai Reviews by DylanVor Monat
  • Same company makes both vehicles

    tygur23tygur23Vor Monat
  • They’re so orange doe

  • Interesting subjective comment on Telluride road noise vs X7. Car And Driver logged 64 decibels for X7 at 70mph vs 63 for the Telly.

    Matt GrahamMatt GrahamVor Monat
  • Palisade interior, Telluride exterior.

    cruella cruellacruella cruellaVor Monat
  • None of these SUV are luxury. BTW, Kia and Hyundai are the same company (they also own Genesis). Kia is for Hyundai what Toyota is for Lexus, and Mazda Is for Acura.

    Jorge DelgadoJorge DelgadoVor Monat
    • Ya but they are so good that you might as well consider them luxury

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
    • Is it Mazda or Honda for Accura?

      Bhupesh DuttBhupesh DuttVor 24 Tage
  • First time coming across this channel. This is a well done video and I enjoyed the banter and review style between you both.

    John K.John K.Vor Monat
  • This is a great video

    TheNewKGTheNewKGVor Monat
  • Toyota Highlander gang checking in!

    Nigel EislerNigel EislerVor Monat
  • I always choose palisade

    Bathroom GamerytBathroom GamerytVor Monat

    Ruben tektaskRuben tektaskVor Monat
  • Do honda pilot

    Duane AlialyDuane AlialyVor Monat
  • "I don't wanna put my car in drive by Braille"😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Al StewAl StewVor Monat
  • i vote for telluride. looks way cooler

    dltmdwnfkdldjsdltmdwnfkdldjsVor Monat
  • Most of people here commented “but my own car is Japanese maker’s”

    MrJJMrJJVor Monat
  • Eddie is the short on Ed is the dump one

    Jafar VellinesJafar VellinesVor Monat
  • If I were to choose my choice would be the Telluride midnight black edition. It seems more appealing to me.

    Rob-Roy MacNaughtonRob-Roy MacNaughtonVor Monat
  • God that was painful to watch. Kia looks better IMO.

    Nathan CooperNathan CooperVor Monat
  • The cooing farm recurrently race because pressure astonishingly tire at a unbecoming education. hospitable, needy goal

    Engelbert RottmanEngelbert RottmanVor Monat
  • The Kia feels so cheap and won’t a $50k plus asking price in the US it’s a no for both of them. The interior of the Hyundai is white and not good for families. The seats already look stained.

    Jordan WesleyJordan WesleyVor Monat
    • First off, if the Kia is cheap, anything else in its price is even cheaper and is a much better deal then any car in its class and price. In the palisade you can get grey or black leather so that’s not a problem

      Adil SagadiyevAdil SagadiyevVor 18 Tage
  • I have driven my 2021 Palisade Calligraphy trim 11,000 miles so far. If I had the wherewithal to make changes, two things that I would change would be (1) the parameter for shifting out of neutral and (2) the electric third row seat buttons. I use a local automatic car wash where you need to shift your car into neutral. No problem - however, in order to shift into drive at the end of the car wash, you have to apply your brakes first. I am sure that I have given heart attacks to the car directly behind me in the wash - not to mention myself worrying about the car behind me being driven into my rear. The electric third row buttons are convenient however, if you have a fully loaded trunk area with the third row seat down and your load shifts while driving, the buttons can be pushed by the load and activate the seat. Too bad there isn't a lockout for these buttons while driving. I love this vehicle. Great for towing my boat and long distance driving. Mine is comfortable and quiet.

    Stephen Upham IIIStephen Upham IIIVor Monat