If I Hadn't Caught It On Camera You Wouldn't Have Believed Me

26 Mär 2021
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Another awesome day in North Alabama today friends. After really rough day yesterday, with tornadoes running all through the state, we are out catching a huge honeybee swarm from a cedar tree.
I can't believe it myself that this is the second swarm I've caught so far and both queens were captured before I ever shook the branch. This is really making swarm catching fun.
I hope you all are enjoying my 2021 Bee season kickoff with these swarm shakes. I sure am. I believe it puts me ahead of my buddy's Jpthebeeman, 628DirtRooster and Jeff Horchoff. Although I know they will catch up quick, it's nice to lead the race at some point.
Enjoy everyone and I hope you enjoyed a little fun from Yappybeeman.
I get calls like this all the time, something flying in a small hole and it looks like bees or yellow jacket wasps. sometimes even for a squirrel or a raccoon. I enjoy every new experience when it comes to removing bees from structures. Construction obstacles always seem to challenge me with every job. As a bee remover, I find the good and bad in construction design. Some things look great but make it easy for bees to set up shop and call it home also. Other times, bees move in due to a lack of home maintainace. But no matter the reason, Yappy Beeman is ready to come rescue the honey bees.
Check out my friends video channels also. Jpthebeeman , 628Dirtroosterbees and Jeff Horchoff for some more great honey bee videos.
Yappy Beeman is a professional bee remover performing live honey bee removals in Alabama as "Alabama Bee Rescue" and relocates them to apiaries away from residential areas so they can rebuild and thrive as a honey bee colony producing honey. Yappy is an Alabama Beekeepers association member that has performed over 500 live bee removals. Yappy with the help of his great friend and mentor; JpTheBeeman, a professional beekeeper , has learned many skills to remove bee swarms and honey bee colonies safely for the bees and homeowners alike.

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  • had the perfect chance to make the title “if i hadnt caught it on camera you wouldnt have beelieved me”

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  • kids that is how the second bee republic was formed after the branch swarm age..

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  • suddenly im itchy

    sincerely, tobio.sincerely, tobio.Vor 50 Minuten
  • "You DO NOT have permission to use any copies of any of this video. Nor my likeness in any media." You already have a copyright over your own content. You dont needa remention it.

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  • Bee 🐝 infestation.

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  • I would die

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  • I thought he was gonna start punching the bees when they fell.

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  • *The Soviet Union Of Bees.*

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  • Congratulations on the big video keep up the good work I will be with the rooster later today picking up my nucs and looking at some bees

    Diamond family HomesteadDiamond family HomesteadVor 3 Stunden
    • Awesome. And thank you for the congrats. It was truly a blessing for me and the channels. When you see Rooster, tell him how cool his hair is. He loves a compliment.

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  • Appreciate your work

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    • I enjoy it. Thank you for the comment.

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  • This seems terrifying to do your so brave!

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    • I got stung twice. It was worth it.

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  • So cool mad respect for little critters like damn they just doin they thing co existing no point being afraid of them I started putting wasps and so on outside and not being afraid why be afraid they are tiny things here for a very short time but do so so much for us!!! That’s so cool how they follow the queen they like follow meeee

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  • You held the Queen in your bare hand! Maybe you've got balls of steel. And hands of steel. Do you build up a resistance to even being stung or do they just not sting as much as I thought? Apparently, my grandfather had bees, he didn't get stung either, and I'm originally from Africa, where the bees do not mess around.

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  • Bees are actually one of the friendliest and smartest animals out there and if it weren't for them, live would literally taste bittersweet, so save the bees 🐝

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  • had a left over swarm here , after orchard pollination , queen got loose took a swam with her and hive boxes were gone~ thanks use a smoker next time right. + cool evening they are staying with their main queen. gosh held yah if you planted another queen in the box good they are honey bees not the other worse kind.

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