So I Became One of The Fastest Minecraft Speedrunners

2 Apr 2021
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okay gamers so i was kinda tired of making games and programming so i took a little break to play and speedrun some minecraft, but who knew minecraft speedrunning was so addicting? so i ended up playing for 3 months instead of 1 month, and here we are lol. it was a lot of fun though, speedrunning mc is pretty epic. are you proud of me dream?
Hey! If you're new here, welcome! I'm an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I'll try uploading every week, but I'm pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won't have time every week. But I'll do my best!
GTX 1060
Laptop / tablet
Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage
My Equipment:
Keyboard - Varmilo VA88M rgb
Mouse - Logitech G305
Mic - AT2020+
Screen - ViewSonic 24" LED Curved VX2458
Headset - Steelseries Arctis 3
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