Sea Otter: The Octopus Hunter

12 Feb 2021
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Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Executive Producer, Director, and Director of Photography: Dylan Dubeau
Host: Danielle Dufault
Editors: Jim Pitts and Cat Senior
Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar


Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (ESNERR) is one of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves established nationwide and administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to support long-term research, water-quality monitoring, environmental education, and coastal stewardship. California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) owns and manages the 1,700-acre Reserve, which includes five miles of public trails winding through a variety of rare habitats. Elkhorn Slough Foundation (ESF), the nonprofit partner of the Elkhorn SloughReserve, is an accredited nonprofit land trust with the mission to conserve and restore the Elkhorn Slough and its watershed. ESF protects 4,200 acres of rare habitat including oak woodlands, coastal prairie, maritime chaparral, and wetlands. Learn more at
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Examining the nature of the beast.

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    • You should do mongoose next I hear they are immune to snake venom.

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    • Source for intro music please

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  • Why does the music remind me of Harry Potter?

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  • Imagine slowly being eaten alive. And octopusses probably are intelligent enough for that.

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  • Dislike too many adds.

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  • Danielle sound is so smooth

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  • Another name for a Navy Seal is Squid, so they should beware of Otters.

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  • Video begins at 2:20

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  • I love that they have pockets for their snacks and tools...

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  • I also like eating raw octopus. Does this make me an otter?

  • They're so cute.

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  • So cool

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  • Didn't really talk bout them hunting octopus but the last 5 sec... no wonder u hot 150 dislikes:/

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  • Those have got to be the cutest things on the planet!

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  • I do not approve of that random ad

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  • Great Content ..

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  • I use to watch the sea otters in the harbor of Seward, Ak. I miss living in Seward such a beautiful little town

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  • What are you talking about bubbles stoping them from going deeper than 40 meters? You do realize every 10 meters bubbles have one less atmosphere of pressure reducing their buoyancy to 4 times less at 40 meters than the surface. So it only gets easier to go deeper. That’s why scuba divers have to add air to their buoyancy compensator as you dive deeper. Often I’ve noticed “facts” on your channel aren’t facts at all. You simply don’t double check your “internet facts”

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  • Where is all that otter fir now ?

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  • ভোঁদোর

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  • Another way that otters affected Russia was that prior to her elevation as sole ruler of Russia Catherine The Great had a child that had no association , genetic or otherwise , to her husband the Grand Duke Paul. In an effort to disguise the boy Catherine named him Beaver Blanket which was something like Bobrinski in Russian .

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  • Danielle is having mad fun in this episode. That's wassup.

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  • Its only limitation... is death

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  • So Octopus players need to have some upgrades to counterplay marine mammals playstyle. Especially that OP Echolocation ability.

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  • Your excitement was part of the joy of this video

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  • I officially no longer like otters, lol. The octopus is my second favourite animal! They are incredible creatures hahaha. How dare this thing have the audacity to eat one?!

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  • Otters are rapist of the sea!!! They are the Ted Bundys of the sea!!! FACTS!!!🧐🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  • Well ancestors really fucked nature up

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  • Yet another Educational and Fun video, i love how many animals, plants, insects you guys can cover its so fun discovering new animals or learning new info about them.

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  • Soo their fur acts like foam cups? That kind of insulation?

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  • Delightful little things! Sad that such intelligent and playful creatures were hunted to near extinction! 😭

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  • TBH, I'm really jealous of their diet.

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  • For the best viewing experience remember to mute before it starts

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  • Otter: eats dead octopus *heroic music plays

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  • I can't look at these otters the same anymore...not after a certain video...

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  • There are sea otters in Korea too

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  • One of the cutest and most intelligent animals! Thank you so much for this video and all your work!

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  • Giant Squid

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  • Did anyone else just recently come to realize Otters are unstoppable bloodthirsty killing machines?

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  • "Sound the Nafurtee" -The Future Otters 🦦 in SouthPark. These guys were my surfing buddies at my local southern California beach.

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  • I've always loved otters! 🥰

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  • 09:55 "their only limitation is, DEATH" definitely misheard that lol

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  • 5:13 Otter! Otter: Yes, who spotted me?

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  • Cute ...deadly....and super chill The otter is definitely my spirit animal

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  • Sun Bear!!!

  • Great! I wanna hear about the Giant Otter, from Brazil! We call it ARIRANHA. Like an otter, but about 1,8m long with the tail, weighing about 40kg.

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  • I learned that they forage at night when I saw them at the Capitola pier around midnight, and every time they came up from a dive they had a crab that they were crunching on.

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  • This is the most underrated channel I've ever seen this channel deserves more views ❤️

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  • Sea otter's : We have the best coat in the world Humans : Not for long 💀

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  • This was great and useing a rock as a tool is awesome but isn't not making tools. Making tool is what separated us from other "intelligent" animals. My mind will be blown the day I see video of an animal that isn't human fastening a handle to a rock, or making fibers from a planet in to rope.

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  • Shotaro🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • Otters are dog mermaids. Prove me wrong.

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