Ali Gatie - Do You Believe with Marshmello & Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music Video)

26 Mär 2021
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Listen to the new single 'Do You Believe' with Marshmello & Ty Dolla $ign now -
New EP 'The Idea of Her' available now -
Watch Ali Gatie perform ’The Idea Of Her’ EP live-streaming on Moment House, April 8th & 9th:
Official Lyrics
We could leave this second
We don’t have to pack our things
We’ll be gone by seven
We could fly without no wings
And I need you to trust me
Always gonna keep you safe
This is no illusion
Disappear without a trace
And be okay
We don’t belong in this place anyway
I want forever today
You don’t gotta understand
All you gotta do is take this ride yeah
We don’t gotta make no plan
Riding till we see the morning light
When the rising sun hits your face
I’ll know that I’ve found my place
Yeah I’m just tryna understand
Do you
Believe in love
Ride out to the moon in my space coupe
We just vibin’ in the City of the Angels
Don’t believe them things they tell you cause it ain’t true
Just give me your honesty, I’ll give you my trust
You got the best on earth I feel just like Russ
Let’s go to the stars, yeah I think we’ll fit in perfect
Baby let your guard down, you ain’t gotta be so nervous
Told me tell you everything, you ain’t let me get a word in
We don’t belong in this place anyway
I want forever today
You don’t gotta understand
All you gotta do is take this ride yeah
We don’t gotta make no plan
Riding till we see the morning light
When the rising sun hits your face
I’ll know that I’ve found my place
Yeah I’m just tryna understand
Do you
Believe in love
Do you
Believe in love
Do you
Believe in love

  • Do you believe in love ??? ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Yes.. ofcourse i believe in love

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    • I love you ali from Malaysiaa ❤❤❤

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    • I do but I don't wanna feel the same hurt all over again!

      Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftVor 26 Tage
    • I believe in myself!!

      Aastha SinghAastha SinghVor 26 Tage
    • May be, may be not

      sing your lyricssing your lyricsVor 26 Tage
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  • Before you sleep: god I'm thankful and I'm forgiving everyone no matter how many tries they made to knock me down; I'm still peaceful. And no matter how badly I was hit by others, or by my own mistake and blunders, for this, I'm forgiving myself and others. Further, make me rise as sun. Now, I'm going to sleep and I'm patient and tranquil. Life is very beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I'm having a beautiful and kind soul. "Repeat" these words and you will feel peaceful and Now you can sleep or do something. If you smiled stay blessed! I can help you, visit me. Take care.

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  • @aligatie i love all your song but here you are starting to become just a product ... no good this clip is shit stay true please all people love when you sing alone on melodic sad song . Marshmallow is good but it is not a gage of quality for make a tube because see on this vidéo 4millions views only but is its you 500millions perhaps more... no comment

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  • I thought it was WLW at first

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  • This is really good I don’t know how to put this BUT THIS IS GOOD!!!!!! Belongs in the best songs album to marshmello I have always been a fan I watch all your videos and songs and I love them there always so good!!! And I hope you stay safe along as the people that read this comment!

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  • Great song from Ali Gatie ! 😆 Congrats brother & btw I never expect Ty Dolla Sign would sounds like that. It suits him perfectly in those lyrics, also the beats by Marshmello 😌 Keep on fire guys ! 🔥🔥🔥

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