OFFICIAL: AMG’s 643bhp New C63! F1 Tech, EV Mode, BUT it’s not a V8!

3 Apr 2021
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I told you! Some of you didn’t believe me, but I told you! The next C63 won’t have a V8, instead it’s a 4 Cylinder Hybrid. As I predicted last time, this new Hybrid line of cars will come under the AMG E Performance brand headlined by the AMG Project ONE. But, what I was wrong about, was the final output of power. I assumed 520 bhp as a slight bump about the V8… but AMG have smashed that figure to pieces with 643 Peak output! They’ve genuinely gone all out to create a car that while loses the V8, fills the void with one-to-one F1 technology, insane performance figures and even an EV mode! So today let’s take a very special look at the new AMG E Performance drive line for the next C63, and please also welcome my new fellow host Tobias to the channel! :)
There are 4 main areas to talk about in the new C63, first the Engine itself, then the new E-Turbo within the engine, the AMG Performance battery In the rear, and finally the Electric Drive Unit on the rear. Apart from the 4 cylinder hybrid element, the next gen car will be all wheel drive using the 4matic+ we’ve seen before in the E63 and GT63, with the pure rear wheel drift mode.
Let’s explore the P3 Hybrid set up that we are going to explore today, starting with the Engine. It’s the M139 engine that started life in the A45S, as the worlds most powerful production 4 cylinder at 421BHP. In that car, it was installed transversely or sideways. However, it will be installed longitudinally in the #C63 as with every C to date. AMG says it’s been thoroughly reworked and its performance significantly increased to the most powerful.
The big difference is the electric exhaust-gas turbocharger. This technology comes directly from F1 and is called MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit Heat), for the first time in a production vehicle. An identical system already powers the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar. This unit gives you the fast-responding nature of a small turbocharger, and high peak power of a large turbo. So that reworked M139 now gives 442 BHP, by itself.
Electric Drive Unit or EDU is next. This is a major part of the system. Unlike having the electric motor in-between the combustion engine and transmission which is more typical, AMG have installed a super clever unit on the rear instead! That compact unit houses some real magic, inside it we have the E-Motor itself which is a permanently excited one just like you’d see in say a taycan, a 2 speed transmission for that motor where the 2nd gear is for higher speeds (again as you’d see in a high end EV like taycan), and finally a more familiar limited slip differential. There’s even a full #EV mode possible
Next the AMG PERFORMANCE BATTERY, #MercedesAMG has developed their own performance battery Inspired by F1 learning, it was developed by High Performance Powertrains (HPP) Formula 1 engine forge in Brixworth and Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. It is a 400VOLT battery, with 560 cells, and it’s again very clever particularly with cooling. Result is consistent temp and thus consistent power of 93BHP continuous, and 320NM too, or 201 BHP at peak for 10 seconds!!!
Recuperation under braking is in too, you have four stages; Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 - selectable by the driver via the right-hand-side steering wheel button. In Level 3, the generator is capable of capturing up to 90kW of electrical energy!
So we have both the EDU, and the performance battery on the rear, which is great though, this whole system adds about 200KG weight, so whatever you save on the V8 you’ll gain on this system!
But look how much you gain in performance too. 540 BHP continuous power, a peak of over 640BHP, a 0-60 of likely sub 3.5 maybe even quicker. Let’s take a deep dive and explore:
- Next 2021 C63 overview
- M139 C63 Engine
- New E-Turbo from the Project ONE
- Belt driven starter alternator
- EDU Electric drive unit
- Electric motor, 2 speed transmission, Limited slip differential
- C63 EV mode
- AMG Performance Battery
- New C63 BHP and performance
- New C63E Render
- New C63 Wagon Render
Up next on on RBR is the V8 Hybrid Drive line in the GT73 E, the new E63S and MUCH MUCH More!! Subscribe to support us and see them first. :)

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  • An absolute pleasure to work with you on this video! See you soon and all the best from Germany! 😉⭐️

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  • Seeing how wonderfuly done this beautiful hyper hybrid is done I am sad we are. seenig such a strong and unnecessary push to full electric. Best of both worlds, all electric 0 emissions, all electric 4x4 using just one electric motor and inherited shafts... Amazing

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    • #w.#h.#a.#t.#s.#a.#p.#p +1818 964 1874 for investment tricks and info.

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