Ty Dolla $ign - By Yourself (feat. Bryson Tiller, Jhené Aiko & Mustard) [Official Music Video]

28 Apr 2021
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Ty Dolla $ign - By Yourself (feat. Bryson Tiller, Jhené Aiko & Mustard)
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Starring: Tiffany Haddish
Directed by: Alex Bittan & Tyrone Griffin
Production Company: Paranoia Productions
Head of Production: Andrea Sastoque
Creative Producer & Post Producer: Ariel Navarrete
Director of Photography: Connor Ellmann
Color by: Sam Zook
Edited by: Griffin Olis, Alex Bittan & Tyrone Griffin
Production Manager: Evan Thicke
Production Manager: Alicia Becker
Production Coordinator: Francisco Lederman
Ty Dolla $ign Management: SALXCO
Ty Dolla $ign Styling: Mike Comrie
Label: Atlantic Records
Video Commissioner: Mildred Delamota
Video Coordinator: Kelsey Hack
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You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
You don’t need a man you do it by yourself
You did it by yourself
Well is you single, where my single ladies
Stack your bread and bought your own Mercedes
You your own boss do it your way
Quick to tell a broke n****a go away
You ain’t never bout no drama
You ain’t pressed
You want bigger things and better things
Put that work in stay on your job, you don’t break a sweat
In the mirror taking pics cause you know you the shit

You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
You don’t need a man you do it by yourself
You did it by yourself
Yes, you did it by yourself, by yourself
Sneaked into the bag, but you know I got plans to spend my money on you
But you got your own girl
Yeah, that’s what I admire
She in for the week, she like need I remind you
I’m busy on the weekends, free for tonight
If you’re free for the night, then keep me in mind, baby
You should be right here with me, babe
No, you don’t need me babe
You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
You don’t need a man you do it by yourself
You did it by yourself
Yeah, you know I do this shit on my own
Pockets long, I’m so grown, I’m so godly
Even when I’m alone, I’m never lonely
Only call him up when I am horny
Yeah I’m that bitch and I know it
And I don’t even need nobody else to notice
I be ridin through the hood up bumpin my own shit
Headed to the crib right by the ocean
Yeah, I did it, I did it, I do it all by myself (yeah)
I get it, I get it, don’t need nobody else

You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
You ain’t ever afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself
You don’t need a man you do it by yourself
You did it by yourself
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