Yelawolf - Lightning (Official Music Video)

9 Okt 2020
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Director: Jorge Abarca
Director of Photography: Keith Leman
Executive Producers: Michael Mihail, Emanual Zunz, Ken Madson for Guerilla Hollywood, OneRPM, & SLUMERICAN.
Producers: Michael Mihail, Jeff Murcia, Shiri Fauer, Edward Crowe
Man look at this shit
I know, right? It's crazy
I wish the storm would just blow this motherfucker away
Why you say that?
Serious, man, I hate this fuckin' town
You know Bobby needs you at the job, right?
Man, fuck him
Fuck Bobby? I thought you liked Bobby
I'm gettin' the fuck out of here, man
[Verse 1]
Yeah, Tommy just got out of jail (Got out of jail? Got out of jail)
Two months he couldn't make bail (Couldn't make bail? Couldn't make bail)
Here we sit, whiskey bent, freestylin' over cricket chirps
He would spit, then I went, loaded gun, death we flirt
Leave it up to the Baptist church, me and him are scum of the Earth
Feelin' like two millionaires with a hundred dollar net worth
Topic of discussion is that they know nothin'
They didn't find the other twenty pounds hid in the oven
What happened to me and you? We used to go to Sunday School
And we worked Monday 'til Friday, and sometimes Sunday, too
Five-hundred dollar check and that's no disrespect
But I'm a talent, God damn it, you watch, I'm tellin' you
We had it all mapped out, hip-hop 'til we crashed out
I drank 'til I couldn't walk straight, on the front porch where we passed out
Nothin' but trouble, dealin' with troubles over our sorrow
And the clouds followed, we was just like
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Just like gunshots in the hollow
Echoin' all night through
This is how we shed our problems
Under the southern moon
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue (Yeah)
[Verse 2]
It's three o'clock in the morning, I got two packs of Parliament Lights and
A dime bag of that 'Bama brick, I just lay in the dark of the night on
The bed of my buddy's truck who got it from his papa back when
He died in a fire rescue and I never asked what happened
We listened to Charlie Daniels, Too $hort and Bob Seger
Sing along to "Night Moves", sippin' on gas station margaritas
Gotta get a good buzz out here, man, nothin' else to do but get high
Put bullet holes in beer cans and talk about how we gonna get by
Some say that dreaming's useless, full of pride and selfishness
Escapin' that mental prison's like climbin' the electric fence
And that's a risk, but a risk I'll take to better with
'Cause through Hell I've been, so success would be just self-defense
I took another swallow, can't share my dream with everybody
And besides, to the factory, I clock in tomorrow
And to my room, I wobble, but the vision I follow
A storm was brewin', we was just like
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Just like gunshots in the hollow
Echoin' all night through
This is how we shed our problems
Under the southern moon
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Just like gunshots in the hollow
Echoin' all night through
This is how we shed our problems
Under the southern moon
Just like lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue
Lightning in a bottle
Burnin' electric blue

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  • Love it.. Classic yellawolf shit

    Yung TYung TVor Stunde
  • KEEP GRINDING YELA , i LOVE THIS SONG so chill perfect smoking at midnight kinda song just to get lost in thoughts !! much love homie

    Tanner SidesTanner SidesVor 4 Stunden

    DoperNautzDoperNautzVor 7 Stunden
  • Great song realy deserved great video like this. Keep pushing bro ✊ already waiting for new album 😂😂

    Giorgi BeridzeGiorgi BeridzeVor 8 Stunden
  • kita ungkit yuk orangnya ajak kepersidangan

    ipok 34ipok 34Vor 21 Stunde
  • rumah saya sampe diakuin jadi kontrakannya hahahahajonggosumat

    ipok 34ipok 34Vor 21 Stunde
  • demi ALLAH SWT sekarang kata idiot jaman gede aku hahahaha saya sampe difitnah jonesin mas kawin LOL:D hahahha

    ipok 34ipok 34Vor 21 Stunde
  • I wish our world would be a better place to live life with out a virus taking away people who we love and those who work at hospitals jeopardize they life to save some one that has a family too much love and many hugs from my heart I will always have so much respect you and all those people who you saved cause the the Deborah saved my life this is for you I will always love you more thank you for your help I will always remember you

    Jody JohnsonJody JohnsonVor 23 Stunden
  • A talent comes from the heart inside of me singing with inside my soul so you know who I am me

    Jody JohnsonJody JohnsonVor 23 Stunden
  • Yelawolf is my favorite artist, can’t wait for a new album! Proud Slumerican!

    Western RAMWestern RAMVor Tag
  • IMO best live artist out there

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  • i love this song it is the best in my opinion

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  • So sick! Better call the Doc!

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  • you are great man

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  • That white boy....

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  • One of my fav songs from the album.

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  • Yelawolf kills everything he split

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  • Any body notice he using eminems superman sample fireeee

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  • YELA is a legend after EM

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  • I just randomly remembered this guy existed n saw he just uploaded this. . Interesting

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  • Yelawolf is the best poetic artist I know of. #fuckingettinit

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  • Welcome to your world (c) 555 machD

  • Anyone know what he says at the end in the deep voice?

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  • i don´t know many "MUSICIANS" (not only rappers), that makes songs like these anymore. They hit your soul man! real, rough, sad truths! but i has a vibe that gives you hope... will listen to this song in 10 years i guess, no i bet! and remember what vibe it gave! thats a star musician !

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  • I went to his concert in new Zealand a few years back with my partner. BEST CONCERT IV EVA BEEN 2

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  • One of the most underrated songs on the album. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Jus like lighting in a bottle burning electric blue..🎶....this is how we shared our problems under the southern moon. ⚡⚡⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⚡⚡

    Kryste Xxpanther77xxKryste Xxpanther77xxVor 2 Tage
  • "Singing Bob Seger and too short shooting holes in beer can contemplating what we're gonna do" he's singing my memories! Rock on Yelawolf! I lose myself in your music. Southern love flows through my veins cajun blood pumps with every heartbeat. I've never related more. So glad you and your friends share your music with the world

    Nancy MurphyNancy MurphyVor 2 Tage
  • 🇺🇸⚡👀heyoka Mafia cop time travellers

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  • Did any 1 Else think hi a Georgie lol I absolutely love this song u did a great job delivering 2 us a great video much love 👍👍 ✌️❤️2 everyone hope everyone is doing well and staying safe

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  • that hair makes him look like that one cousin

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  • It's rare to see art like this in today's music

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  • My man fell over black out drunk and still managed to keep that cigarette in his mouth. 🙏🏻

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  • Does anybody know the music playing during the credits? Could it be a snippet from Mudmouth?

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  • That part " U watch im tellin you " the way he says that reminds me Eminem - Superman.. lets go champ

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  • Yela only seems to get better. Much love from upstate NY💓

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    • I'm from upstate NY also!! Let's get it!!!

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  • I think this is the first time I've seen a music video come or for a song that got released a year before.

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  • This wolf never disappoints me...

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  • I hope you come out with a new album soon.... need some new songs that speak to me the same way your others do..... fan for life

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  • this kid is to talented

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  • Yelawolf diffidently my top 5 List. Southern asf

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  • all these musical artist are all starting to sound the same no offense to nessa great voice

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  • Yela is such a amazing rapper, from crunk to such a life lyrics. Best one!

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  • Fantastic

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  • I can honestly say that there is not one yelawolf song I dislike

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  • You’re so good at what you do man...keep it up

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  • Yelawolf will FOREVER stand as my favorite artist, from Creekwater all the way to Ghetto Cowboy

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  • Yelawolf really raps about the people America forgot about

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  • One of the best lyricist. One of the most underrated rappers in the world. Cherish all these real ass rappers who spit real shit. Going to miss when music like this fades away.

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  • Gun shots in the holla I go deep in to the mountains to shoot be left alone and enjoynature in the mountains haters get to close for comfort I shoot there ass.

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  • I been homeless and hated on but keep showing those lames up because I smoke dank weed I not a dope feen but I know yellow wolf been though the same shit I have been though so respect I have for him and all the struggle the melody gives me motavion to not let haters fuck my wold up .

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