Flying the Largest Airbus Twin - A350-1000 Qatar Airways

3 Apr 2021
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This is a video with great details on flying the Airbus A350-1000 with footages from the cockpit. I flew on Qatar Airways A350-1000 from Los Angeles to Doha. The flight time was nearly 15 hours with a maximum takeoff weight of 316,000 kgs. The pilots explained in detail about the A350 cockpit, pre-flight, takeoff, landing and what they do during the flight. Watch the exciting 360 camera angles during takeoff and landing.
The A350-1000 is the largest twin-engine aircraft Airbus has made today. It is a rivalry to the Boeing 777X. The list price of A350-1000 is $366 million.
I flew in the luxury Qatar Airways Q Suite. A few passengers with different backgrounds on the same flight share their stories. One Qatar Airways cabin crew was surprised by others to celebrate her birthday onboard. I've encountered nothing but great humanities during my travel.
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  • Such A Nice Aircraft ✈🛩🛫🛬

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  • Man.. You also a pilot right? positive landing still safe, very bad for you criticize the in your video!!!

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  • My wish to sit in this Qsuit once

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  • Qatar airways Always the best aircraft

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  • Sam regresastes

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  • Love this episode! the plane is amazing, the crew so awesome….so many nationalities, and the pictures of where it flies over are stunning. great job!

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  • Happy to see a sri lankan

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  • Love the 360 cam during take off!

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  • How the heck does Qatar grant passengers access to the cockpit mid-flight?

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  • Love to See Sri Lankans!🥰

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  • I feel like I am flying with you all 😀👍

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  • Captain Borhan Is my dad ❤️🙌🏻

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  • Wow, a 15 hour flight. I´ve tried Copenhagen- Los Angeles. Thats only 9-10 hours

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  • Wow, so impressive! I never have a chance to see A350-1000, I only see them in B777.

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  • You haven’t thought about that it might be a little stupid and irresponsible to travel right now

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  • Hello, how can I get hired in the pilot department ??

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  • Thank you Sam. You're right, the people you fly with on board makes a flight worthwhile. I love your videos. I love flying but doesn't have the capacity to do so. Watching you is a great theraphy especially this time of pandemic where most of the time we have to stay at home. Thanks again.

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  • Air Sial Is Waiting for your review Sam

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  • Great airline when all is well. Worst customer services of all the large airlines when there is any type of issue. 9 out of 10 when all is well. a big fat ZERO when there is an issue.

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  • Keep up the good work maybe do the q suite or Ethidad the residence again

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  • Thanks for the video like it much

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  • Great to see a Sri Lankan featuring in your flight... Kudos Sam... Love from SL 🇱🇰.... 😍

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  • Wonder

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  • Wow fyi there is no gear tilt

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  • One of the best air company today. Maybe the best ! The aircraft is a masterpiece

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  • Like the a350 but 747 is better

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  • love your videos

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  • Couple of months before me fly from JFK to Dhaka. I travel lots of time with other airlines, comparing Qatar 🇶🇦 flights was the worst fly around every side. Even I was at Doha airport transit period nobody take care us though it was more than 10 hours

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  • Hey Sam, I am your new subscriber and I have seen most of your video and really enjoy it as you did it in a very professional way and may be in your next flight, you can also highlight their in flight shopping of what they are selling as I do not know whether they still have this service in the aircraft because I been long time never travel by plane, that's why your video help bring back all the memories to us. There must be some cool stuffs or collectible item of what they are offering and I am sure many aircraft lover would like this additional to your video because different airline offering different cool item and we would like to see those. Thanks and love your every videos.

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  • Thanks for giving me subtitled Indonesia

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  • The A350 is a beautiful plane but can be a serious nightmare to repair or modify.

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  • Hi Sam, great job , do you know where is captain Burhan from ?

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  • Do all 4 pilots receive the same flight/work hours?

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  • 用上Insta360了,哈哈哈

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  • As a pilot of Qatar airways A380-300 I am proud of myself that I am flying the worlds most advance and premium jet

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  • Vietnam airlines are the perfect choice

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  • How much did Qatar pay you to do this advertisement for them?

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  • so Amazing to know that the captain did his pilot training from the same airport as I did. In Addison, Tx.

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  • your such a great tour around the world. I love watching you vlogs. Enjoy because it's very informative to know different airlines in the world. Stay safe sir

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  • this one of the few really good Sam videos, no cringeworthy moments and very good infos from the flight deck. I may subscribe again.

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  • I found you on Flight rader 24 its nice to see how was your fly going

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  • I have been afraid of flying for years now and it is such a big limitation to me and my family, but this video actually helps a lot. It creates some sort of calmness to the whole aviation. I’m not there yet, but this was a very pleasant step in my journey to love flying .

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