Ashnikko - Deal With It Feat. Kelis (Official Music Video)

12 Jan 2021
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Agile Films: Hayley Williams (@hayleywilliams)
Production Company: rubbertape (@rubbertape)
Producers: Jeremy Truong (@jeremymtruong), Owen Lazur (@owenlazur)
Director: Charlotte Rutherford (@charlie__chops)
Production Manager: Sohaib Ali (@sobi14)
1st AD: Cody Burdette (@cody_burdette)
Choreographer: Easton Payne (@eastonblake)
Director of Photography: Madeline Kate Kann (@madeline.kate.kann)
Steadicam: Joe Brady (@steadi_joe)
1st AC: Ben Steen (@the.steen)
2nd AC: Keith Hudson
Gaffer: Heath Gresham (@heathgresham)
Electric: Jordan Driskill (@flylighting_jay)
Electric: Raymond Moritz
Key Grip: Jake Reeder
Grip: Wilson Sun
Grip: Lalo Fragoza (@gerardodeniro94)
Wardrobe Stylist: Lisa Jarvis (@lisajarvis_stylist)
Wardrobe Assist: Emily Burnette
Additional Wardrobe Assist: Patryk Lawry (@lawry98)
Key Makeup Artist: Zaheer Sukhnandan (@zaheersyn)
SFX Makeup Dept Head: Allison McGillicuddy (@allydoesmakeup)
Key SFX Makeup: Malina Stearns (@worshipmina)
Additional SFX Makeup: Meg Wilbur (@littlemonsterdoll)
Key Hair Stylist: Preston Wada (@prestonwada)
Assistant Hair Stylist: Adriana Pina (@adrianna.pina)
Manicurist: Krista La Creme (@krista_la_creme)
Production Designer: Sean Costello (@seantildawn)
Set Dresser: Elliott Mitchell
Set Dresser: Astrid Georges
Truck/Swing: Brian Selke
Special Effects Tech: Tom Spera
Production Assistant: Stephan Masnyj (@
Background Dancer 1: Raven Delilah (@delilahvalentinee)
Background Dancer 2: Iz Verdea (@izverdea)
Colorist: Parker Jarvie (@company_3 @blakerice @parkerjarvie)
VFX Artist: Felix Geen (@felix_silvestris)
3D Artist: Alex (
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Deal With It Official Lyrics:
I don’t need a man, I need a puppy
Allergic to you, every time you touch me
Emotional maturity for dummies
I don’t have the time to pretend you’re funny
I’m back and I’m better
I put the teddy bear you gave me in a blender
I drew a dick on all your sweatshirts


Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you
Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you

Ahhhh ooooh ooooh
Ahhhh ooooh ooooh

I don’t need a man, I need a rabbit
I need a new toy just to cleanse my palette
Big bad bitch, I’m the baddest
We both know it wasn’t love, it was just a big bad habit
Stringing you along like a puppet
I can see the desperation, got you right where I want ya
Beg for it, plead, you can suck it


Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you
Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you

Ahhhh ooooh ooooh
Ahhhh ooooh ooooh

Find me in the ball gown
With a champagne glass
With a man on my arm
I don’t care what his name is
I’ve really levelled up now
I got jets on my back
Everything I do outrageous
You text me that you miss me
I say who the fuck is this, I deleted your number
Oops, oh gee that’s a bummer


Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you
Deal with it, boy you got to
I don’t want you, do what you want
But just deal with it, cos I’m so over you

Ahhhh ooooh ooooh
Ahhhh ooooh ooooh
Ahhhh ooooh ooooh
Ahhhh ooooh ooooh

  • put this in 0.75 in playback, trust the process

    Emmanuelle KirlinEmmanuelle KirlinVor 13 Minuten
  • I love this song! She's a bad bitch❤❤❤

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  • me when it came out: i don't have time to wtch it me the first time seeing it:rEgReTs

    Kristal SSKristal SSVor 3 Stunden
  • Hot song and ma mood right now and forever 🔥👊🏻

    Kosar 123Kosar 123Vor 4 Stunden
  • Reminds me of Sean Kingston song dirty love

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  • Sztos

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  • Who comes from tik tok ads?

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  • If Ashnikko, Billie eilish, melanie martinez made a song together ʘ‿ʘ I would literally have a stroke

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  • ashnikko is the cure for covid-19

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  • I hate you so much right now (> ਊ

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  • Is beautiful💗

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  • "i dont have the time to pretend you're funny" Oh my god that hits

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  • You stole Uma's look!!!

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  • Uma in 10 years :

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  • I like the song ,but the looks carried away

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  • Why she looks so undress ???? I mean ,come on ??

    costea ruthcostea ruthVor 20 Stunden
    • You've commented like 5 times just insulting the song if you don't like it just say that and move on

      Bakedbananas 374Bakedbananas 374Vor 4 Stunden
    • Because she can look that way? she don't give a fuck lol

      idk 6986idk 6986Vor 7 Stunden
  • Man why is she so underrated, her voice is so satisfying ❤️

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  • I mean great catchy song, but now that I've listened to a couple of others, it seems like Ashnikko just wanted to outdo Taylor Swift with her break up songs 🍵 Change my mind

    procrasti86procrasti86Vor 21 Stunde
    • I hate to say it but its about female empowerment and yeah, Taylor Swift isn't the only person who can do breakup songs. I don't want to listen to her crappy 10 year old country music lol

      idk 6986idk 6986Vor 7 Stunden
    • what?? do songs about breakups belong to taylor now?? other people can make breakup songs.

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  • What yall youngins know about Kelis

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  • so last week i broke up with my bf then i went in my car while he was on the phone with his mom crying bc we broke up Me*plays Deal with it Ashinikko* Me *DEAL WITH IT B!!!!!!!*

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  • Love from india

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  • I love her so much. I swear. Her style is so unique to me. She isnt afraid to just be weird and crazy.

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  • Ashnikko is an artist that for me personally I don’t like, but her songs gets so overplayed and I develop a love for them. 🖤

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  • She used the i hate you so much right now from kelis called the song out there you should check it out the song is called caught out there

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  • I love my rabbit. Haha good times

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  • filion is the real captain morgan nah mean im the one that broke into the club and stole a bottle of captain this song is ketchy

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  • ok but where is kelis

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  • 0:50

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  • freaky tentacle nipples have me questioning human sexuality and cephalopods that inflate with water like wtf is a tentacle just a sentient penis? wtfff

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  • How a young woman from Greensboro North Carolina figured out how to take over DEhave as the top new force-to-be-reckoned-with only gives credit to a "Modern Southern Belle's" ingenuity and creativity in that even though she may have traveled around the world, she never loses touch with her roots or her people.

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  • she is so... perfect

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  • melanie's vibe

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  • Do you guys realize that when she says rabbit she's talking about a vibrator that's fucking awesome

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    • The rabbit vibes ain't really all that...the ears have absolutely NO finesse! Try the ones that look like a microphone 🎤 and hold on to your sanity,sis!!

      Jenna BelleJenna BelleVor 4 Stunden
  • deal with it ashnikko yeah

  • Pirates of the Caribbean have been real quite since this came out

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  • This is why pirates were paranoid about having women on their ships, storms, water beasties, all ending in shipwreck

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  • There should be a mans version

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    • no, this is riot girl music.

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