Julia Michaels - Little Did I Know (Official Video)

3 Mai 2021
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The official “Little Did I Know” video by Julia Michaels. Listen & download ‘Not In Chronological Order’ here: juliamichaels.lnk.to/nico​
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Official “Little Did I Know” Lyrics:
The summer before you
I thought love was Shakespearean
More or less a painful experience
Only ever real if you’re delirious
The summer before you
I let it take up very little oxygen
Not where I’d rest my head
More like an ottoman
Never had someone like you treat me like Solomon
But little did I know
You would be the one I’d confide in
Learn how to try with
Little did I know
It was you before I ever decided
Oh little did I know
Oh little did I know
The summer before you
You can’t spell drama without
And I admit I usually was the cause of it
Now here we are you’ve got me changing all of it
Slow me down I want you to
It’s different when it comes to you
little did I know
You would be the one I’d confide in
Learn how to try with
Little did I know
It was you before I ever decided
Ya little did I know
You would be the one who would save me
Learn how to change me
Little did I know
Ooh just look at you can you blame me
Oh little did I know
Oh little did I know
The summer before you
I thought love was Shakespearean
More or less a painful experience
Only ever real if you’re delirious
Ooh little did I know that it could feel like this
Ooh little every time I got you on my lips
The summer before you
#Julia​ Michaels #NotInChronologicalOrder​ #LittleDidIKnow​
Music video by Julia Michaels performing Little Did I Know. © 2021 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • I'd never get tiredd of her voice 😭

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  • A song from heaven!

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  • I will absolutely DIE if they ever break-up. Listening to two artist who rose to fame singing about heart break to write an albums worth of songs about how much they love each other has been the single best things to come out if 2020. It gives me hope

    Nora EllenNora EllenVor 15 Stunden
  • I’m crying 😢

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  • #Gaza_under_attack

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  • this album is actually amazing

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  • This is my favourite song right now… keeping on repeat ❤️

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  • Far too many big words in this for me to learn 😂😂👌 little did I know the meaning of any of them #blondemoment 😂😂🖤

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  • so in love with this

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  • This is amazing Julia you always but your heart in your music I hope you keep doing it .your music is amazing no matter what comes your way

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  • i love this music video shes amamzing live i went to her concert and her music sacved my life

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  • Julia is on fire with her new album. I was a sideline fan. I am now an active one! Julia, you rock!

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  • Not only her voice but also the combination of the music sounds perfect to my ears. I heard some good song of her but this song gives me goosebumps.

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  • Gust exo 💖 now tomorrow always and for ever

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  • Une voix extraordinaire, il n'y a pas plus à dire. Merci beaucoup Julia.

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  • Julia is underrated 🔥 🔥

  • This a a really pretty song, but consider making a dance/pop remix of it, because as it is, it won't get as much airplay, and we want to hear it on the radio please👍.

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  • Hi Hollywood's Anushka sharma

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  • The light that love shines on everything and anyone that comes before. It’s eye opening and like waking up for the first time or hearing your name for the first time. Nothing compares. All else falls short. Love this song! Her and JP Saxe yessss making the rest of us sit up and take notice! Keep bringing it!!

    Tonya BurseyTonya BurseyVor 2 Tage
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  • Wow! An astounding rendition of Harold Crick's theme song!

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  • The world will be a bore without juliana's song.

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  • I know how she feels, so deeply. Thing is, little is said about the inner work we need to do to get to this point. Bless their relationship! 😍

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  • such a beautiful song

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  • Incredible Job 🙏💛

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  • True fact: Julia Michaels is making everyone's life better with her songs

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    • @Bianca yes

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    • I had been stuck on All Your Exes for a week and yesterday, I decided to listen to the whole album. Guess what, I got stuck here, when I finally budged, That's the kind of woman.

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  • your melodies and lyrics get me every damn time! i just posted my cover of drivers licence by Olivia Rodrigo dehave.info/down/n3lxY5msmp-aq6w/video i hope you check it out and enjoy it :)

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  • the fact that I started to listen to this powerful woman during her nervous system era, made a fan account for her during her inner monologue era, and still listen to her to this day is wow. i love her, her music, her everything.

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  • dehave.info/down/c6ylh7XJi57YrZg/video

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