I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

17 Feb 2021
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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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    • Sei un grande

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    • god 504

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    • Stay funky bro

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    • You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

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    • yeah

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  • OMG Davieeee, awww i love this video, its so inspiring ^^

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  • This was nice

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  • One more Question, when u will make an Only Fans? :v

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  • Thank you for...you!

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  • 😭love you David

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  • Can anyone else see that he's reeeeeally trying not to laugh

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    • Btw sub to my channel

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  • This will be one comment among thousands - but well done Davie! You have a great channel, great content, and bring people together in a love of music - and have good fun doing it.

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  • :'0

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  • Hey David -- I have been watching you for a while but I am usually not logged into youtube. I prefer to watch videos w/o being logged in. Regardless - I really appreciate this heartfelt video. As for the haters - this is normal when people rise to the top regardless of profession. It just so happens your hate is public which really is unfortunate. Anyway, you will probably never here from me again because I will log off after posting this, and return to the 51% non-subscribed viewer rate, but not before I contribute toward your diamond play button. Keep up the good work.

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  • no retreat, no surrender..

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  • me: *nodding in understand* davie: my uncle one said.. also me: wait- you're related to spiderman?

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  • I've never had an interest in bass... in fact, I have no idea why I started watching your videos, but I'm glad I did. Your uploads are always entertaining. I enjoy all of your content and I think you inspire and effect more people than you realize. Thank you for sharing more of yourself in this video. Just remember, 9 million people CHOSE to subscribe to you.

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  • Grande Davie, complimentoni!

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  • Davie 504 doesn't say OMG every 5 minutes Me; OMG

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  • Abrazos Davie!!!!!

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  • "isn't it ?"

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  • He laughed 🤯🤯🤯

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  • *w* *i* *t* *h* *g* *r* *e* *a* *t* *p* *o* *w* *e* *r* *c* *o* *m* *e* *s* *w* *i* *t* *h* *g* *r* *e* *a* *t* *r* *e* *s* *p* *o* *n* *s* *i* *b* *i* *l* *i* *t* *y* -Davie504's uncle

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  • Thanks for the awesome videos Davie, keep slapping bass

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  • Cool Video, you should do more of them

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  • Hey man, I know what you mean. I'm not at my best point right now either, but know that if I keep holding on, keep playing bass, better and slappy times will come.

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  • I'm glad you talked upon the hatred towards DEhavers, it is sad that people go out if their way to spread hate on people, especially artists creating entertainment content to help people have a nice day!

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  • Milestone

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  • Make your own CryptoCurrency called BassCoin. And then SLAP IT.

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  • Keep it up, Davie!

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  • sei uno dei motivi per cui ho coltivato la mia passione per il basso, ed è bello poter finalmente poter apprezzare un lato più intimo e personale di un personaggio pubblico come te. grazie per esserti aperto ed aver dimostrato che persona fantastica ci sia dietro ogni OMG

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  • dude i knew you since like around 500K subs & i immediately subscribed your channel after watching a bunch of your bass-only videos cuz i thought you’re a great bassists among the others that i’ve ever met! congratulations on getting 9M subs! it was such a long trip man! ;D

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  • WTF IS THIS!! WHOI ARE YOUJ AND WHY DO YOU HAVE 9MIL SUBS without me knowing about you, what have a been missing out on hjoly shit. im subbed

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  • He laughed! (well scoffed but close enough)

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  • Davie, you matter.

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  • Don't pressure yourself too much David. Revealing yourself will make you more vulnerable, but as you're revealing, you're also touching people's hearts. You are a source of insipiration!!

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  • Dave, I don’t watch all of your videos in the moment you post them, but I watch two or three videos in a row until I reach the most recent video. But in a way or another, sometime, I'll have watched all of your videos. Keep posting then, I'll keep watching then and I'll keep slapping the like button. Much love from a fan of Brazil!

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  • I came here to be entertained, ended up tearing up like a little baby. Still got entertained tho

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  • Simply do more cooking 🥘

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  • I want to give you a hug

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  • When you see things coming heavy, remember there's 9 M subs wishing you the best. I like very much (almost too much, maybe!) your work.

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  • Can You Make Gaming Chanel?😁

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  • After this video I admire you even more! I hope you find yourself and work your way through these tough times, as we all need to do. Keep up the amazing work! I bet you would be recognized here in Brazil too... I've even seen people use your picture as an avatar in online games here. Cheers!

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  • 5:18. lol i remembered 2 yrs ago when i became a part of a small dance group to fill up the 5 member count and we danced on stage its exciting to hear everyone screaming grooving having fun watching us dance but then the moment we walked down the stage we heared a lot of people criticize us, like you smell sht you're bad at dancing etc. A lot of unnecessary hate lol Edit: and yeah i really love your videos keep at it man

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  • I unsubscribed bc I thought the videos were terribly low effort and repetitive and they were released so frequently it got stale quick imo

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  • highly motivational

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  • This make anyone else almost get teary eyed?

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  • hey davie fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰 love ya 😽💓 Start a base/guitar( ;) ) tutorial playlist too

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  • We fucking love you Davie504 !!! stay funky bro! Make a video of writing a song using only 504. The frets, and the scale degrees.

    Metaljay 289Metaljay 289Vor 9 Stunden
  • Is this Sasha Baren Cohen's son?

    Snorty McGoutSnorty McGoutVor 9 Stunden
  • His ankle once said: with great power comes great responsibility. 3:27

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  • It would be so funny if you switched to a perfect upper class british accent.

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  • Parece o Orochinho gringo

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  • You’re just great, Davie.

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  • Bought a bass guitar today. You are one of the people who influenced me Davie :)

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  • im so happy that you're becoming more comfortable talking to us :')) we love u davie

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  • thank you for this video, Davie

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  • Now this is a good example of a good man

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  • More of this. Just you being you man.

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  • 504 = 5 April

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  • 3:27 Real Personality Reveal: I'm Spiderman

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  • I found happiness how in the wilderness. I get stressed out just going on DEhave to make a couple of comments

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  • Hands down respect you David, you really are an inspiration to all of us on how to keep going, to do what we are passionate about. Don't get the mean comments let you down. We have your back.... :)

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  • Before I will be honest I wasn't a big fan of your channel but now that I've seen this video I support you!

    Macey FeickMacey FeickVor 10 Stunden
  • Remember you are a very accomplished musician and the hook is your talent gained only through hard work.

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  • Holy shit nice one bro now what's happening at 10 mil?

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  • How to give more than one like???? you are a real guy and a monster bass player! tanks for play to us!!!

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  • This was a great video. Nice to see the real Davie.

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  • I wish I could subscribe more than once

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  • Keep it up! You're great!!

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  • Davie: Haters are sad Also Davie: Slap them

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  • Idea: you should try playing bass

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  • Thanks for your effort!d(`・∀・)b

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  • hhhh men its been 9 years now on youtube how do you feel

    Noaman CheklaouiNoaman CheklaouiVor 12 Stunden
  • I'm speechless... only one word for you: LOVE!

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  • Great video. Your channel is really entertaining and i cant understand how people take what you say seriously... Some people are just happy being angry all the time i guess. I love to hear you play and it was cool seeing some behind the scenes. I dont even play an instrument :p

    Pedro SantosPedro SantosVor 12 Stunden
  • IDEA: Get in a band and post that on youtube

    Ryan C. AbbottRyan C. AbbottVor 12 Stunden
  • SHUT up we already saw the real you in your girlfriend channel

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  • 👼🏼👍🏼

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  • Love and respect dude keep at it🤘

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  • It always makes me so sad to hear content creators like you apologize for not putting out good content. That negative comments and algorithms chip away the joy of your passions. You deserve the best and seem like a wonderful guy. You're doing great things and you make so many people smile. At the end of the day, you've put a lot more happiness into world, and we appreciate you for that. Stay true to you, and keep on slapping ❤

    Anna MeyerAnna MeyerVor 12 Stunden
  • Oh. I thought this was a joke video. I hope you're doing ok though.

    YukichiYukichiVor 13 Stunden
  • Yknow, I prefer this Davie504 for some reason, so be more of your real self sometime aswell, not only the character. :D

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  • You are incredible

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  • Maybe you should make some music lesson videos teaching bass or basic music theory

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  • My friend keep up the good work, I really try to watch all of your videos. Just very busy with work and family, oh my kids 5 and 7 like to watch your videos as well.

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  • you and i have the same headphone!!!!!! and its fking great.

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  • [ITA] ok ragazzo, mi ci sono voluti una ventina di video prima di abituarmi al tuo stile...perche inizialmente non ti sopportavo! ma adesso vado a "slappare SUBSCRIBE" ah gia! non sono nemmeno un bassista, ma il basso elettrico è uno strumento fantastico! [ENG] ok boy, it took me about twenty videos before I got used to your style ... because initially I couldn't stand you! but now I'm going to "slap SUBSCRIBE" ah yeah! I'm not even a bassist, but the electric bass is a fantastic instrument!

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  • Commenting pre watch to assume there is no real personality there

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  • Stay funky bros is back !

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  • i'll try to give my best try at some advices : - keep doing stuff you like and love, and people will feel it and love it - don't worry too much about haters, or people being shocked when you try something new, nowadays and with all those followers, you will never ever be able to please 100% of those 9 millions... so keep on being strong and tough, that's how you got here! - not an advice but what got me to subscribe in the first place were your funny viral videos, and i'm pretty ok with what you've done after, you are evolving. i know i haven't been watching your latest videos as fast as i would have usually done. so i have no explanations... try new stuff, or try old stuff with a new ingredient, i really don't know, but trust yourself and your creativity!

    Mathias ThamiasMathias ThamiasVor 14 Stunden
  • Visit Philippines also 😁🙏..

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  • I honestly dont play base, and never have. I come by your videos occasionally just because your are funny and interesting and you DO play bass well.

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  • Stay funky bros😂😂😂

  • 69

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  • bass-centric ethics

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  • Boomers: DEhave is full of hate and anger DEhave:

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  • Just thought he looks like el pachino

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  • xd just xd haha

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  • It would be amazing a bass vs guitar battle between you and Ryan Roxie 😍

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