Levitating Man Trick Revealed

17 Okt 2020
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Levitating Man Trick Revealed
In today's video I show all secrets of building levitation platform for "levitating man" trick. Hurry up for Halloween :)
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  • You look cute as a monk. Stay still forever. 👍

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  • 2:19 the cleanest workshop EVER!

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  • The one they did at the start was fake watch it at 0.25 speed

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  • All this for a drop of blood?

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  • So how does the silver guy in England do that where he's turning spending his whole body how the hell does he do that

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  • 1:24 Так автор из России? :D

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  • have a question the q can you make more videos with those cars that work with C02? please please please please please please please please please please please

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  • the intro was reaaalllyyy fake

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  • It's so wow mann Salam dari indonesian

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  • Me being a Fatassbitc/Overweight:OOH LETS TRICK MOm- *falls* 😢🤧😂

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  • So last night the black thing in my room was doing this trick

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  • this magic happens in India from many years ago

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  • This is a common technique used by indian gurus to fool people.

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  • I love magic reveal videos like these.

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  • So, I thought you where gonna show us the jointed version where you walk up and then put the cane in and sit down. You just showed us a chair. This we already knew.

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  • Oh so that's how they do the illusion, thanks for revealing

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  • In india thid trick is super old Like from 18s n 19s

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