Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - Jordan Peterson

30 Jan 2018
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Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.
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  • "it has nothing to do with Capitlism" I live in England where throughout the 20th century, the working class men and women broke their back to survive. Only until unionisation came did they start to progress in health and therefore in financial well being, into what we call the middle class.

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  • You know Peterson's involved when you hit 13 million views for a 2h30 video.. Only him can make that happen.

  • Jizzney land

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  • So true . The monster. Me? I have a No . It means. Hell No Aint gonna happen . Push me .. i dare you.. MONSTER.. i like it

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  • Real people are better, and that's why movie theaters are empty, plus they are too expensive and germ breeders. I resent "actors", that make millions, utilizing their ability to have air time, and then spewing their opinion saying they are speaking for the masses.

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  • But why do you say - " especially talking to young man" or "young man should hear this", the feeling I get it's that I am not enough, because I born a girl I don't matter as much as boy. I don't say that woman and man are the same, no we are different, but the problem is when the woman are left behind closed doors, when in situation were we should be looked as humans we are categorized in woman and man, stereotypically stonger and weaker gender.( I don't think there is weaker or stronger gender, I think we all are just people who have moments in their lives where you feel weak and there are moments where you feel strong)

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  • Smelterville for coffee!

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  • I feel like I'm not the only one that just watches this on repeat 😂

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  • Jordan Peterson: people need to know how to take care of themselves that way they can properly take care of their communities. Far left: This man needs to be stopped.

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  • Respect to the uploading team. No ads, thank you

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  • Here are two intelligent men having an amazing conversation, I found this more interesting than watching most movies or tv shows coming out, the funny thing is for me if I was to jump out of my body and look at my life I would imagine it being like Jordan Peterson explaining what I did wrong and how to make it right, my deepest thoughts inside are pretty similar to what Jordan Peterson says in most of his talks and to me its mostly common sense and obvious what he's putting out there, it doesn't feel like an opinion but more like something that is imbedded into my human psyche and I used to believe when I was younger everyone thought the same way, morally and logically at least but since the rise of social media I realise how wrong I was. Brainwashing and indoctrination are two things that come to mind possibly induced my the media and politics, I know a lot of people who believe the news for example is 100% factual and don't you dare question it. I saw a video with Jaron Lanier on some news program and he referred to it as a show, the news reporter was offended and said something like, ''this is the news'' like there is nothing else just this and everyone watches the new, to Jaron it was just a show. I stopped watching the new because I saw what it was doing to people around me mentally and I didn't want to become like them. That's why I watch good lo Joe Rogan, better watching a real conversation man.

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  • i'm in my 60s and i have not had tv ( cable or air) for 5 years and i don't miss it, i have internet

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  • 43:00 WOW

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  • I feel like KEK is the modern equivalent to all the juvenile leftwing "revolutions" in the past. Hippies, Punks, etc. were all about shocking their parents. A few decades ago you could shock your parents by growing messy long hair and beeing a "socialist". Today, as wannabe revolutionists of the past are mainstream, there is no way you can shock them that way. My sister was a punk and went to school with a huge risen up middle finger all over the back of her jeans jacket in early 2000s. Nobody cared. It is impossible to shock Hippies of the 60s by beeing hardcore leftwing. So what do you do? Their kryptonite is sexism and racism. So how about dressing up very nicely with a nice haircut to the side just like Mr. Adolf H.? That certainly will get their blood boiling. That is what 4chan and KEK is doing to the mainstream. Its a bunch of teenagers provocating the whole nation with rightwing stereotypes.

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  • Jordan Peterson. He makes you think

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  • Joe Rogan you have best postcats ever, best guest on this show, you are a real host, it's never lost time on DEhave. Congrats 🤝 Greetings from Poland.

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  • Watched his lectures for years now. Never took the time to watch the whole podcast til now. At the very end where he acknowledges the millions on YT who want to learn an says fine I'll teach them. Gosh I love JP. Fucking love this dude.

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  • 'I was a hypothetical villain in her imagination'

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  • “When I look at both sides, I see myself in both sides.”

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  • mansa musa is worth more than anyone ever, step your knowledge up joe rogan

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  • Get Chomsky on to debate him and expose this disingenuous fraud.

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  • I'm not part of a team. Never was. So I'm not a human with an identity then...??? I'm dead? according to psychology rules!

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  • Every now and then I hear a segment from the jordan peterson vs pordan jeterson video and it's cool to hear them all in context

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  • Jordan: Like in Venezuela, everybody has an equal chance to starve to death. (lol) Jordan: Do you know how Venezuelian government solved the problem of kids starving to death in hospitals? Joe: How? Jordan: They made it illegal for the doctors to report starvation as the cause of death. The Silence that followed was so on-point, and is really an insane fact. It's reprehensible and ridiculous to think about.

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  • This is the least Joe has spoken in his Videos

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  • Disregard this comment, those are just my favourite parts of the video. 10:43 15:25 42:58 1:34:09 1:36:21 1:53:18

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  • Jordan Peterson. 🤣

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  • Such a pleasure to see this two great and reasonable minds debate

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  • I'm just here to read the comments left by lefties going reeeeeeee. #FYMM

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  • one of my fav shows. best of both characters in this segment. i appreciate both of you thanks so much

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  • Who knew Jordan Peterson was actually the Red Skull... Hail Lobster!

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  • red skull makes so much sense, I do not understand why they say he is right or a fkn nazi love hearing him talk

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  • 1:28:24 - Tiempo Perdido 1:32:31 - Self Authoring

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  • 1:39:00 This is valuable. Taming the monster.

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  • The equal distribution of misery: Socialism.

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  • At -2:11:05 he took off! My guy! 😂😂😂

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  • She wanted to force her perception of what she wants him to believe........sad.

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  • Lol peppy the frog

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  • The more you have the more you get. And you're still a conservative. And compared to Jeff Bezos you have nothing. Dumb.

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  • "You wanna know something about me joe rogan, I smoke rocks" Tyrone biggums

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  • The old bait and switch!!

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  • Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you !

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  • As of this comment, eight thousand nine hundred-some people refuse to bow down before Lobster, our Yahtzee overlord. May they find the glory of room cleaning one day.

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  • About the clean room; The Dalai Lama himself says, "A clean environment is a clean mind."

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  • You have to be a piece of smacked steel on a blacksmith's anvil. After a while, you will be a beast. Maybe not the best like he clearly states, but a beast nonetheless, which is what productivity is all about. Build YOUR community. There are too many issues to discuss, and we need to start being individually hardy. I grew up in a wealthy family when I was a child, and when I was a teenager, I had to live on the street due to a lot of scrambled events. I was all alone and ate out of garbage cans. This shit turned me into a warrior of the highest level. You never know where life will take you. Be tough. You do not have to study martial arts, but you do need to exercise.

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  • Hail Lobster!

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  • Hail Lobster! 🦞

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  • The intent of the subject is all about positive intention of doing great things with the great world.. Like Joe Rogan... Joe Rogan, on this subject it would be great to have a conversation & my own experiences in Australia has a one way path that I have a fantastic answer for this..

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  • Crazy that Joe Rogan took a $100 million dollar pay out from the people he rails against in this interview. What an absolute sell out he is.

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    • I'd eat my own shit for 100 mill that doesnt mean I have it with my eggs in the mornings.

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  • I appreciate both their opinions and insight. It is all thought. Thought is before and after and all around anything that is defined. A lot of it is light (the force) and theses elementary particles. All of which are thought of positive and negative, across from each other divided by a line if you may. The strongest force of the 4 forces of nature. The force is tantamount and paramount in any cause and effect of that defined. But if you think otherwise it works out too. It takes us all the. It is amazing. It works out for anyone of us human s because it is about the cause and effects of that human, but of not one but the many before that human , that laid the groundwork and do forth for the manifest of that individual. That laid out the groundwork for any animal, tree, insect, river or tricked of water. What is has been and will always be. First law of thermodynamics: Energy can not be destroyed or created. Where we might be wrong or right is when we try to define anyone or anything that is better instead of what was needed to manifest any situation at hand. An ongoing continuity of approximately of space/time. A forever.

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  • 1:07:30 , 1:38:24

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  • 28:23 a little letterkenny comes out of Jordan

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  • hail lobster!

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  • 7:43 City of Worcester Massachusetts growing fast

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  • This is really profound.

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  • I live in Denmark where we pay 50% tax, and 62% if you make above a certain limit. That’s a form of equality of outcome, which actually leads to equality of opportunity in many ways, e.g. within education which is completely free just like medical care. Denmark comes second in the World Happiness Report 2020, so I wouldn’t exactly call that a tyranny. I like Peterson in general but I dislike his way of arguing and presenting things in a very binary way.

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  • Jordan Peterson for prime minister!

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  • This pronoun said "the average person that's the CEO of a company" like everyone he's met and their mom and her neighbor owns at least one company lol

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  • Today more than ever we need dr peterson guiding our young minds, the only thing that worries me is Joe's bad decision to switch to the Spotify platform,It was clear to me that they did not want it on the platform to have a larger audience but to be able to censor it more easily, worrying

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  • Just realised I had too many travel posters 🙄

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  • Oh, nnnnow youtube algorithm recommends this to me.........rrrrrrright

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  • Being a woman in IT myself I completely agree that the interest factor plays a role. I love my job but I have definitely found myself looking at other professions wishing I had more social interactions with women colleagues or even just having conversations with women who are interested in tech related topics

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  • Mr. Jordan P. is the hero we don't deserve!

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  • The radical left fears individualism, because authoritarian regimes like communism, fascism and Nazism are collectivist societies. The left politics are against individualism, every manifestation of social individualism are considered like a threat.

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  • (:

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  • That intro though. 😂

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  • "you can't be oppressor and oppressed at the same time" how about everyone that is in the middle of the "food chain"?

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  • Wow in just 3 years look what's happened these dick heads need to be kicked out

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  • I'm not a fan of his philosophy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I think his workaholic capitalist way of thinking results in a lot of the problems we have with our society to this day. He does really get you thinking though, which I have tremendous respect for

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  • Modern feminism is being intentionally pushed with the plan of dividing people. It turns women against men & men against women. It's just one facet of a larger plan to keep the public divided with "us versus them" ideologies. Divide & Conquer tactics. This is why the news is always talking about things that generate fear and tempt people to take "sides" against each other. A divided public is easier to control. Also, a divided public is always focused on blaming the "other side" so they don't notice who the real enemy is. They never even think to look. If you want to know who the real enemy is, listen to Mark Passio. He's spent the last 15 years exposing them. He was a former member himself so he had an inside view of all these plans. He's giving us their playbook and more people need to listen.

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  • Jordan Peterson saved my life a year ago ❤️ he asks people to take on responsibility and some dont like it because it’s hard. It’s hard to look your inner beast in the eye and it’s easy to blame others for personal failure. I personally stay tuned. Genius!!

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  • 12:36 💨 😅

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  • Joe is jp therapist

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  • So JP you said that University is where you want learn. But online learning has a disadvantage. When I actually study in Campus, I can find like minded people, I would be in a circle with people of same interest and that would help my career alot instead of learning alone. Also I would be prepared for Social situations of the field as well as I would be interacting with strangers who are interested in same field.

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  • “DEhave is going to kill TV” so true 👌🏻

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    • Netflix and amazon already have

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  • Oss

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  • Wow!!! Relevant right now!

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  • "They don't see the wave coming"

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  • It would be great to have JP on the podcast again

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  • jordan “how would you define that” peterson

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  • "“Those who have swords, and know how to use them, but keep them sheathed… shall inherit the earth.” 1:06:34

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  • i was fine til he moved the headphones, now his hair is bothering me.

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  • The real problem with our society is we have half of us listening to jordan and the other half listening to meg the stallion and cardi B

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  • It's sad that someone talking common sense, logic and responsibility is controversial. There are so many activists that are blinded by their own ideology. There is no room, in their minds, for a competing point of view.

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  • 8.8k thumbs down. I bet I can guess who those people are 😉

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  • Damn... but I can't watch this enough. It's pure medicine for my soul. I love how long they spoke for and on how many topics.

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  • Thank god for the thumbs up vs down on this, other way around and we would be in hell

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  • I'm totally buying her book today!

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  • Minute 45 to minute 55. just WOW

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  • How many people are like me that automatically knows what Jordan is saying when he uses words like monster and dark?

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    • @Luke L1onHeart Exactly what he said it meant.

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    • What do you think he means by it?

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  • On your side guys.

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  • Now is the time also. Give me free therapy

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  • great man

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