18 Feb 2021
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i adopted a kitten!!!!!!! follow me on instagram to keep up with her :)




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  • Congrats on the new kitten. I adopted a kitten who is all black. His name is Apollo and he turned 8 months today.

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  • i have a grey cat and my name is lucy liu broooo

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  • i love claudia!

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  • My grandma had a Russian blue and he was the sweetest cat ever🥺 I know you'll be absolutely obsessed with her💕

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  • can someone tell me what kind of leggings she's wearing pls!

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  • I just wanted to let you know that the reason why places want you to adopt two kittens is because kittens can develop single kitten syndrome. It basically means that cat will have a strong/ bad attitude. (People end up returning cats when they develop that sort of attitude). Its okay to have a single adult cat but not a single kitten, unless it socializes with other cats in the neighborhood. Kittens need to be around other cats so that they learn to socialize. Kittens like to play / have fights with one another as practice. These play fights help them learn the strength of bites and scratches that are okay vs which are too much. If they do not have a partner they do not learn this key factor. Additionally kittens get lonely when their owners leaves because they wont have company

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  • I have to work!!!!!! :)

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  • K honestly Claudia I’m sorry ok please :)

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  • I’m sorry Claudia :)

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  • are u Kennedy Walsh’s sister??

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  • I you chose a kitten you thought was prettiest rather than taking one because it needed some love...That makes me sad.

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  • and she does look more like a penelope/penny

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  • awww you should totally get her a cute collar with her nametag

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  • Claudia and kennedy have the same speaking voice it's freaky and I just noticed for the first time

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  • Your cats name is my puppys name

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  • 1:16 if she wanted something to love and loved her back then she should’ve got a dog or a puppy But it does make sense that she got a cat because all the other girls got cats

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    • @🦋 no I’m just saying she should’ve got a puppy or dog if she wanted a lot of love cause ngl I think dogs give more love than cats actually I think I am insinuating the love of cats but I know they give love too but just in my opinion I think dogs give more love

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    • ?? are you insinuating cats are incapable of love???

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  • Can you do a video of your tattoos and what they are. I’ve been wanting some and want some ideas!

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  • The left side of her bottom lip is a little swoll

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  • So the Walsh women have turned cat ladies. I thought that usually happened to older, single, lonely, childless women.

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  • she is beautiful.

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  • This is so cute.

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  • I swear cats are the best! I have 2 cats

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  • You are so beautiful

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  • You should tell us the place you adopted her so we can find homes for all the cats living in the same conditions she was in

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  • Oh God, I love how she just meowed and ran like a maniac to you at the end🥰 I'm trying soo hard not to get one. I lost mine almost a year ago and I miss her so f-cking much. But I barely have time to care for a kitten 😔

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  • She's so cute!💖 2 things: cats don't like to have their water next to their food, it's unnatural for them. And a cat really needs another cat companion, to be truly happy🙈 love you! ✨

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  • Idk why when I saw her I thought CHLOE🤍👼

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  • She's so sweettt. 🥺

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  • more vlogsss plsss

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  • rosie would be cute too, little rosie posie

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  • Hello how are you?

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  • She is so precious 🥺🥺

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  • I LOVE HER OMG!!! I wish her and my kitty, his name is Tank, could be best friends!!!

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  • Iv got two dogs and they are the piler of the family

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  • You do not use spray bottles on cats....it makes them fear you.

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  • You should rub her paws in the litter so she knows to use it 🐾

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  • Please don't use a spray bottle it is a really ineffective way to train a cat. It ends up creating frustration in the cat, it will destroy the bond between the two of you since it will end up becoming afraid of you and ultimately it will learn to do it when you are not around. There are much better effective ways to train a cat and if you need, Jackson Galaxy has some great videos that will help out!

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  • And now I need a kitty 🐱

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  • plssss post your podcasts on the “podcast” app on iphone 🥺

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  • You guys didn't do a winter sibling video together 😔 those always made my days

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  • u look sooooo beautiful and radiant even w/o all the make up ☺️☺️☺️✨

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  • I love animals. ☺️ 🐈

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  • Awww she’s so cute and sweet! Kittens love bathtubs for some reason lol. 💚

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  • everybody has a cat. brandon is next.

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  • it took me like 2 weeks to name my kitten, nothing felt right except for Cocoa, the most basic name ever lol

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  • Penny is short for Penelope

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  • You remind me of Dolly Parton

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  • the fact that she stayed in front of her looking at her nails for 2 min straight is so cuteee

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  • What am I looking at lmao

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  • She’s sooo sweet I almost cried. I loved the name Posey 🤍 and actually my cat’s name is Lucy

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  • I also need a home and I am up for adoption as well.

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  • this kitten is so fucking cute I want one

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  • You will be a really good mother 💙💙

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  • I think if you take care of your baby beautiful like you better than lose your life to taker of that animal 😊💖

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  • Yayyyyyyyyyyy

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  • So cuteeeee omg I love your cat

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  • reminds me of my cat. I got her when she was 11 months last September 🌀

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  • You are so beautiful

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  • Cute ✌🏻

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  • so adorable how she was sitting there watching you, it's so cute!!

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  • Kittens can actually be fixed as long as they are 2 months old and 2lbs

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  • Hey Claudia I noticed that you said she was biting everything, and I've heard that it's because she doesn't have another kitten to socialize and learn from during these critical times as a kitten. I've heard of people either buying or fostering another kitten to help with that problem and they will eventually grow out of it, or even though it's not as ideal, having an older cat to learn from. Idk just thought I'd share the tips!:)

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  • Oh my god I wish I had my own place to have a kitten, literally my dream:(

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  • Not gonna lie I love cats, I have an all grey cat with blue eyes. He’s awesome 🤙🏼

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  • i just want to sayyy: you are so loved!! you are heard, and Jesus lovews you soooo much!!

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  • where did you get the kitten?

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  • She has so much botox

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  • She is sooo cute!!!

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  • i have a frenchie named penelope and her nickname is nellie 🥺 posie is so cute!!

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  • This is so nice Claudia! Cats are the best.

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  • Amazing. We love her

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  • no hate but try looking into other alternatives for the spray bottle, it’s not really recommended.

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  • when she started bouncing the cat like it was her baby 😂😂 me with my dog

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  • posy is so cute

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  • if this was me i would name this video I GOT A PUZZY!

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  • i am pretty sure she is russian blue cat too ,we have russian blue cat and she loves to cuddle

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  • Ahhww she is a baby let her sleep with you

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  • since I saw on insta you adopted and you recorded it all I came on ytb channel every other day to see if the video was up

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  • This channel is basically Kennedy a few weeks/months later

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  • I love this family 😍😍😍

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  • You’re cat will be sneaking into You’re shower. You may think you’ll be keeping Eye on her but she’s going find Many ways continue to surprise You.so make sure when you’re finished In bathroom she doesn’t force her way Into you’re water.least that’s what My cat I’d used to have done.

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  • my kitten looks exactly the same as yours awww.. mine just has green eyes

    i pi pVor 13 Tage
  • Cute and so is the cat.

    Stephen SinclairStephen SinclairVor 13 Tage
  • I'm jealous Claudia gimme ya kittie 😂😩😭😜❤️ but I'm happy you have your baby kitten they will complete your world.

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  • Waiting for a video where Brandon adopts 4 dogs (to be extra for a video) 😂😂

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  • I had a cat that looked exactly like your cat with the same temperament. He was the most affectionate cat I ever had ( I miss him =[ ). I think the breed is korat. I hope you take care of her, that breed is tremendously affectionate and he would always sit in my lap and would want to be with me all the time. Like your channel and always thought you were pretty. hope the best for you and your new kitten :D.

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  • Its like a cartoon of a cute girl with her little gray cat also why don’t you name her gray !😍

    MoonMoonVor 13 Tage
  • my cat looked exactly like posey when she was a baby & now she’s super fluffy & has a beautiful feather duster tail ! congrats on ur new kitty !

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  • She’s ✨beautiful✨

    Monika ChristensenMonika ChristensenVor 13 Tage
  • Thank god for the internet letting me 'hang out' with hot babes that probably wouldnt even look my way

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  • I love how the cats name was changed halfway thru the video! She wasn’t lying about how much she was changing her name😂😂😂 it’s so hard to name pets

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  • the kitty is so cute and adorable

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  • lucie better

    Alek YoungAlek YoungVor 13 Tage
  • she's so cute

    Alek YoungAlek YoungVor 13 Tage
  • She’s so good already!! So happy for you, she’s so cute!

    Kelsey PonceKelsey PonceVor 13 Tage
  • i want her

    pi epi eVor 13 Tage
  • god.. having a clingy cat is such a flex

    Tams hTams hVor 13 Tage
  • Just a thought I wouldn't use the blankets you have the cats claws will get caught up and possibly rip off

    DylanDylanVor 13 Tage