Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - All Cutscenes Full Movie HD

21 Nov 2020
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This movie contains all cutscenes of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for Nintendo Switch in HD. I hope you'll enjoy it, rate, comment and subscribe for more, it really helps my channel!:)
All Cutscenes/Full Game of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for Nintendo Switch in HD

  • Bruh on my first run of this game, I actually started crying when Sidon came to save mipha and when riju came to save Urbosa. Because the Zora's are my favorites, and I just think Urbosa is bad ass

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  • Link in the cutscene where ling rhoham is speaking lifts sword. Link dam they really gave me soldiers broadsword

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  • Great 👍🏻 video.🤩😁😍🥰❤️

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  • Guy’s, friends(maybe). Has Sidon got bigger or is it just me? Plz subscribe (I might make a Zelda video).

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  • e o link não ficou com a mipha mais uma vez, que triste ;-;

    g i l s o n :bg i l s o n :bVor Tag

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  • 1:19:51 Yunobo: saves Daruk with his protection Daruk: wait is that legal?

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  • ya know, the calamity ganon in hyrule warriors kinda looks like demise

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  • Wow this is really an important chapter before botw2 i have thought it is just a filler arc

    piwieepiwieeVor 2 Tage
  • The end was so heartwarming

    YuBoy YukiYuBoy YukiVor 2 Tage
  • Good game, let down by frame rate

    Sim MSim MVor 3 Tage
  • I'm just gonna say it I hate Zelda's voice. She sounds so whiny all the time and it's just annoying to listen to.

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  • with all this tech this means one thing POLUTION

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  • 6:00

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  • Oh my God Zelda's lullaby

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  • When terrako sees harbinger terrako he beeps "What"

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  • Is there not a reality where the Ganon curse dies and we can focus on other villains in the franchise?

    AshuraAshuraVor 4 Tage
  • Sealing him again is a waste, why not just outright kill Ganon even for a somewhat alternate timeline?

    AshuraAshuraVor 4 Tage
    • @Jacob Reynolds I just get tired of it and keeps new villains from coming into the franchise. Exanple: Resident Evil had Wesker pop up everywhere until they didn't know what to do with no more. So just find a way to get rid of the curse permanently.

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    • Why do you think killing Ganon would do anything different? He’ll be back regardless

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  • 20:50

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  • The game was good but I hate how they made them win cuz there trying to make another time line

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  • This is amazing. Its like a film. Good stuff

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  • I have a question.The yiga helped zelda but in botw which is supposed to be after the war ended they are bad again .why?.if anyone knows pls tell me

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    • This isn’t a prequel to BOTW, it’s an alternate timeline

      Jacob ReynoldsJacob ReynoldsVor 4 Tage
  • “Forget these cowards”: runs away

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  • Meanwhile in the present. Link: WHAT THE SHIT IS HAPPENING

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  • 14:32 Why is nobody talking about how epic that roar sounded with the music.

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  • "Sidon: Winning Smile" - Daddy freaking Sakurai himself

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  • Sidon is so cuttte

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  • P

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  • Imagine how profitable they'll be if they make BOTW into a movie franchise. 😭♥️ And they can use those profits to fund more Zelda games.

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  • I'm just crying from the ending

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  • This youtube Chanel is so weird but i love it

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  • That was sad

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  • Oh matpat's gonna have a fun time with this game

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  • 13:29 someone please make this a caption

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  • Link’s spine compilation 14:47 48:39 1:21:44 Bonus: Yunobo’s spine 1:21:51 1:42:09

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  • 1:19:41 What we were all thinking when we first met him.

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  • So the game is happening before breath of the wild ?

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    • @- FlowerBloom Hey! No worries!

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    • @Stargazer The Jynxer thanks ! It's really nice of you ☺️❤️

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    • Yes- uh... kind of hope you weren’t looking for anything long (or spoilers!) but... In BoTW, one of the memory cutscenes shows Zelda protecting Link- awakening the Triforce power and around the same time that happens, the egg bot (Terrako) wakes up in Zelda’s Study. When Terrako learns what happens, he creates a separate timeline (Age of Calamity).Then, Terrako shows Zelda and the others images of events in BoTW, and they do everything in their power to make sure they don’t get the BoTW ending. So they do end up doing things differently from BoTW, causing a different storyline. So BoTW is Timeline A, (the bad ending) while AoC is timeline B (the good ending). Although, AoC will not end up effecting BoTW 2, this is just a side game! Edit: here’s an 100% more helpful video that explains the story better- dehave.info/down/Y6uPg8umpHqsq34/video

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  • Okay hear me out. So, imagine if the Divine Beasts could COMBINE!? Calamity Gannon would stand No Chance.

    William SuttonWilliam SuttonVor 9 Tage
    • Imagine!! And my headcannon is definitely: after Calamity is defeated, the Divine Beasts can all shrink down to the side of a dog, and they can just chill like pets or something! Like Ruta and baby Sidon are like a team that steals snacks from the kitchen- I dunno, just something cute like that!!

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  • I think this time Zelda didn't love Link, but her powers activated due to the love to a friend, not a romantic relationship.

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  • Me: Today I'll get to bed on a reasonable time Also me: Oh, neat! Let me check this two-hour video!

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  • Gunn

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  • The calamaty transformers

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  • 卵🥚見たいなのカワイイ

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  • Revali can go jump off mt lanayru at 1:17:06

    zeldakimzeldakimVor 11 Tage
    • Is she revalis long lost sister if she did it perfectly

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    • @zeldakim True lol But he’s grand for me, the first time my sister and I heard his voice, my sister decided to try and copy his voice, and she did it PERFECTLY I SWEAR SHE HAD THE PERFECT TOOOONE, and when we played chess I would go, “Yes! Haha, beat that!” Then she would say in Revali’s voice, “You may be good,” **puts me in checkmate** “But I am better!” So that’s always made me more excited about him >:D (Ye she’s younger than I am and I luv her a lot)

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    • I know but he was the cockyest person in botw and aoc

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    • Gotta admit tho, he said “we”- so I thought it was nice that he at *least* mentioned Teba, Urbosa, and Riju, not just him

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  • This explains why the King's spirit's resting place was the Great Plateau in BotW. It didn't make sense to me that someone who died at or in Hyrule Castle would have their spirit appear several miles away. And the King's spirit spent 100 years wandering the Great Plateau, despite him implying the the King's life (his life) was taken inside the Castle. It seemed like a contradiction. If you take a look at AoC, the King clearly survived the initial attack on Hyrule Castle, and made his way to the Great Plateau with any remaining forces he could gather. The only difference between this and BotW is that Link, Zelda, and company came to back them up, and thereby saving the lives of everyone there. That didn't happen in BotW, so everyone was slaughtered, hence all the Guardian remains in the area around the temple. Also, it's possible that a spirit can wander around, but if it still has lingering regrets, then it can't stray too far away from its final resting place. In the Champions' case, Ganon simply kept them from going anywhere to begin with, but when Link frees them, they are then able to visit the nearby areas closest to their resting places, the Divine Beasts.

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  • 二级甲

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  • How many ads can you put on one video, Chief?

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  • 16:57 - Urbosa just flipped the bird.

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  • In future pilots of Sidon vah ruta Yunobo vah rudiana Riju vah naboris Teba vah medoh

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  • So if Age of Calamity created a new timeline, does that mean after Breath of the Wild 2 we might get a sequel to this ending as well?

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  • I know it's supposed to be an alternative timeline- but maybe it was meant to be like that- that they turn back time and save everything cuz Urbosa, Revali, Mipha and Daruk are too good to die :c

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  • If king rhoam came back as his ghost form that would have been cooler

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  • link: goes to slicee ganon in half daruk: you can do this little guy! revali: dont screw this up i love revali omg

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  • 1:32:12 that "get out of here" face move... nice

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  • Robbie being Michael Jackson over here He he

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  • Am I the only one gonna question why they can be on death mountain without burning

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  • How in the world is Revali able to radiate 24/7 bitch energy? Must be a gift. Edit for spelling

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  • So now I understand the plot. I’ll put it IN SONG FORM. And now the reason is clear, Terrako time traveled in fear Stopped what was to become, The Calamity was undone Activated the Sheikah Towers Gave the Sheikah Slate it’s powers Split the timeline after the merge, Caused it to once again diverge Warped in the future main quest allies, With a familial bond or idolized ties Deruk and Yunobo survived Fireblight, Mipha and Sidon put up a fight Falco rip-off and Teba slayed the scourge, Urbosa and Riju got rid of Thunderblight’s mighty sword And now that the Calamity is out of the way, The champions are now gay (as in happy)

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  • 1:36:44 Fuck yeah! lmao

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  • One more thing... this was so EPIC!!

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  • Also I love this so much and the way everyone's together and Zeldas lullaby, it's great and really really sad.

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  • I find that the flashbacks in BOTW and this are really really sad! ☹

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  • This zelda has a bubble gum princess vibe

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  • Impas head went brr over the time damn

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  • 31:42 >:[

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  • I can tell that Revali's a leo from how his attitude is in these cut scenes

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  • so breath of the wild never happened

    HolyPhirozeeHolyPhirozeeVor 14 Tage
    • It still happens, just not in this timeline. Time travel in Zelda doesn't change the future, it just creates alternate timelines.

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  • So... This is if BB8 is in Zelda? XD

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  • 55:35

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  • I like how Sidon description was Winning Smile

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  • Loved it but by the 15th ad it made me mad XD

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  • And 100 years later what that can’t be possible

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  • Wow this game is so good I wish I had it so goodness and love

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  • Not me realising this is 2 hours long, I’m going to ruin the entire game and I still watch it

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  • 9:55 I didn't know MJ existed in Hyrule too.

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  • This game looks so good.

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  • This can have more brutal cutscenes cuz they meant for it to be pg13

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  • I thought the water fire wind and lightning blight’s are the same size 1:31:48

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  • Egg MVP

    That Lonely meatballThat Lonely meatballVor 16 Tage
  • Epic

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  • " Zelda's next birthday... will mark the date of Calamity Ganon's return" Some Birthday she's going to have!

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  • I thought the blood moon was a cutscene?

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  • Man... Revali really is a jerk.

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  • Robbie's voice actor MUST be the guy that does the drifter from Destiny 2. Has to be, I havent looked but IM SURE.

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    • @kimirs16 Whoops, never even noticed, my bad.

      Jacob ReynoldsJacob ReynoldsVor Tag
    • @Jacob Reynolds They said Robbie not Revali.

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  • R2d2 replica in zelda

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  • I already have all the shrines

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  • Funny how pokémon couldn't do voice acting in the new gen game's but legend of zelda can do it perfectly

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  • İ finished this game nearly 4 years ago in 2017 march 28th this game is one of the best ones i have played

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    • It’s a different game

      šj _šj _Vor 17 Tage

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  • So they went from Hyrule Castle->Death Mountain->Gerudo Desert->Zora Domain->Rito Village even though Ravioli should have logically been the second stop before the Gerudo? Man, looks like even they don’t like Ravioli and wanted to put of seeing him for as long as they could if they kept him for last

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  • Knights: helmets same size Link: tiny blond bean

    Christopher HarrisChristopher HarrisVor 18 Tage
  • Johnny

  • 1:41:17 if there was an alternative title, to this game, maybe it would be “Legend of Zelda: Endgame” If the technology was developed enough then Link could have gotten an “Iron Man” suit 😂

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  • Link is so bad ass he can eat rocks and shit thunder

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  • I just speed through the video to find what was in the thumbnail, but this time I watched it through & I died laughing when link ate dirt.

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