EMRAH - ANGAZHIMENTI / Емрах - Ангажименти, 2020

2 Okt 2020
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музика: Даниел Ганев и Емрах Стораро
текст: Емрах Стораро и Петър Петров
аранжимент: Даниел Ганев
режисьор и сценарист: Людмил Иларионов - Люси
оператор: Виктор Костов
#Emrah #Angazhimenti #Ангажименти #Емрах

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  • Александър робов и Емрах трябва да направят дует

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  • Продавам кокер шпаньол на 9 месеца с всички необходими ваксини е. Тел. 0898 275 270 или на лично съобщение във Фейсбук.

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  • Three deputies of the National Council of the Slovak Republic met with Dr. Wang Zhiyuan, President of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), on Friday, September 20, 2019. The National Council members in attendance were Mrs. Anna Veresova, Mr. Peter Osusky, and Mr. Ondrej Dostal. Dr. Wang introduced himself, noting that he had been a physician in China for 25 years and that he considered the opportunity to practice his profession, which can save lives, a great honor. But in 2006, he learned that, in China, organs for transplants were being harvested from living prisoners and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was forcing doctors to kill people. It shocked him. After verifying this information, investigators from the WOIPFG began investigating across China. They discovered that the largest hospitals and organ transplant institutions in almost every province had participated in this type of organ harvesting. In telephone interviews, 20 hospitals verified that they used Falun Gong practitioners’ organs for transplants. Dr. Wang said that when calling these hospitals, the investigators presented themselves as relatives of a person in need of a transplant. In most developed countries, the average waiting time for such organs is two to three years, but in China it is two to three weeks, with some hospitals freely admitting that they use organs from Falun Gong practitioners. Dr. Wang’s team found that organ harvesting was systematically managed and organized by the communist regime. He described it as a crime against humanity and a crime of genocide that continues to this day. In the latest investigation, which was carried out between October 19 and December 2, 2018, 17 presidents and directors in 12 transplant hospitals in 11 provinces said that they could guarantee the arrangement of an organ for transplant within one to two weeks. Ten of those interviewed admitted that they were still using organs from Falun Gong practitioners. Dr. Wang gave the National Council deputies some suggestions on how to help stop this crime. Mr. Peter Osusky, MP, brought up the possibility of passing a law forbidding citizens from accepting a transplant organ of unknown origin. Also discussed was the Magnitsky Act, adopted in the U.S., which allows for the denial of visas to people who have committed human rights abuses.

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  • Трябва да се забрани на 5 годишните да слушат чалга защото ми писна да чета коментари "харесай за здраве,късмет итн"

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  • Трябва ли да пиша, че тези типични извивки на гласа вкарват в “трета глуха” ? Очаквано гласче, вие и със зор вдига нагоре. Излъскан клип, с евтинки лъскавини и посредствен глас и изпълнение !

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  • Volunteers for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) in Denmark participated in Lægedage 2017 (Doctor's Fair) between November 13 and 17, to inform attendees about the forced organ harvesting in China. Sponsored by the Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark (PLO), this event at Bella Center in Copenhagen drew over 4,000 physicians and medical professionals. For the third time, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) set up a booth at this event and exposed organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China. Medical professionals learn about forced organ harvesting in China during Lægedage 2017 (Doctor's Fair) in Copenhagen between 13 and 17, 2017. Heart Surgeon: This Is Shocking Because forced organ harvesting is covered up in China, even those who have been there may not know of its existence. One doctor interested in traditional Chinese medicine said she had just come back from China. Surprised to learn about forced organ harvesting in China, she spent a long time reading related materials including graphs and statistics. She said she didn't know before that this is a state-sanctioned crime that has been carried out on a mass scale. When reading information obtained from phone interviews and independent investigations, she saw a list of hospitals with unidentified organ sources. Pointing at the Armed Police General Hospital, she said, “I met some doctors from this hospital during meetings in China. I can't believe something so vicious went on there.” David, a doctor who signed a petition calling for an end to the atrocity, said that one of his colleagues was a heart surgeon. “During an international medical conference, my friend met a doctor from China. That doctor said many organ transplants took place in China and surgeries could easily be arranged whenever needed by patients.” David said his colleague found this shocking, since need-based organ transplant could only mean one thing, that is, need-based killing. Based on this, he said he would avoid going to China for medical conferences.

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  • Така, като чета коментарите и имам чуството, че тук се събра родата му от Русе... Кого залъгвате за успеха на това момче. Той няма нито глас, нито визия... Батко му Фикрет трябва да се върне по-сериозно на сцената и да му покаже как се правят хитове. Дори имам чуството, че Фики умишлено се е поскрил за да може да даде път на малкия хахаха

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