In the social media-based automotive world, Gercollector has taken an impeccable role of showcasing his life surrounding the most special, fastest and unique cars ever to have touched the globe we are living on today.

Surrounded by a fast era of the best possible high performancecars ever created parked inside an underground garage, the online creator and influencer uses his channels and his personal collection to share the automotive passion and experience to his worldwide audience alongside a really special group of fluffy family members.

What if we told you that this family consists of a group of teddy bears who have enjoyed more supercar time than most of you aficionados out there? Gercollector, the top 1 German Automotive Influencer in 2019 \u0026 2020, is bringing you and his teddies along on his journey in the exclusive automotive world, across the famous Autobahn or on a wide variety of race tracks.

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