Hello, I am Oguzhan Tiras. I traveled 30 countries in Europe. After completing the first semester of my third year at university, I started travel to the Balkans one more time. I went back to visit Turkey after a further 6 countries. I finished my university and went on another European trip.

Since June 2018, I started my trip to Asia, which has been continue. I earned my street music income, as I did in my previous travels. At the same time, I started posting travel with the videos I shot. I reached you social media platforms such as Blog Page, DEhave, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok.

My goal is to be in all countries of the world for 10 years and to produce travel content for you. And to be able to inspire you.

For my travel videos;

► Facebook / DEhave: YIRTIKPANTOLON
► Instagram: oguzhantiras

Contact \u0026 Cooperation: [email protected]