White House on the Hill

White House on the Hill

Family of 5, 🐓 , 🦆 , 🦃 , 🐈, 🦚, 🐄, 🐇 , 🐝 , guineas, pheasants \u0026 emus who moved from the city to start over in the country.

We are Jake \u0026 Becky, and we haven't always lived in the country. Nope. We lived in the city for... well, all of my life, and for the first 10 years we were married. Now we changed jobs, moved to the country, and started life over again. We have 3 boys, Eli, Uriah and Isaiah. On the farm, we have about 25 chickens (give or take 20 at any point), and a bunch of other birds. But it all started with 6 chickens (see our intro video).

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White House on the Hill
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